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Thread: Cheating on Top Eleven

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    Cheating on Top Eleven

    Hi Guys,
    I'm al Level 10 with a 6* avg team (4 new scouts this season), I always won league title in Level 1 to 9.
    This season I am in a very strong League, the worst team has just 4-5 points less than me.
    Most of the team are from Vietnam.
    It's not so strange that I am currently 4th, even if due to a terrific unbelievable 6-defeats streak that all of a sudden materialized while I was first.

    The point is that I realized that strange things are happening.
    I think that most of the teams know each other, maybe are friends in real life or played already in previous seasons.
    Very often I play against team with 5-6 supporters, this is OK.
    But now that we are close to the season end some teams are really fixing games.
    More popular trick is when a team with coach lines up intentionally illegal (without GK or with no defense) only to let the other score 2-3 goals and then moves back to legal formation to avoid to have a too bad goal difference.

    Is this popular and above all legal? Any experience from you guys?
    It is frustrating to play in such a League.

    What do you suggest me to do?


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    this change of formation means they are trying tank the season and stay down by the sound of it so they will have a far stronger team next season to push for promotion

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    Yes, it seems that the results are being fixed.
    You can report to Nordeus, but it is dificult to prove, so i would play my games and pray for not being in there league again.
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    If they know each other, then they are probably trying to either tank together or get promoted together. Sounds like they are trying to get promoted together. I'm guessing the person with more points is trying to give free points to the second person that needs them more.
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    Why then can't they all be the accounts of the same person???? They maybe multiple accounts of the same person. Or ya, they can also be real life friends.... Whatever be it, their gameplay is cheap and pathetic. May they burn in hell for this crap!!!!

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    Why don't you send them all friend requests?

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    It is clear that they are fixing, they will be both promoted.
    The worst of the two helped the strongest to get 3 easy points to fight for the title.
    I have the screenshot as proof.
    Is there a Nordeus email to send an official complain?
    Do you think that they will answer and will take actions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gogs67 View Post
    Why don't you send them all friend requests?
    If I'm friend of any of them next year most likely I will be again grouped with them and I really don't like cheaters
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    even though fixing the league (tanking) and getting promoted together isnt a cheat im completely against it. i havent experienced this so yeah, good luck, you can show them whos boss, in case youve forgotten its the fonz ;D

    the way i see it is you were on top of the league, then they caught up to you? sure if you were the tippy top of the league youre practically winning everything, but if it were a levelled playing field, try reading my thread
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