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Thread: Team Performance Affected By Certain Constructions

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcmacdaniel View Post
    Its probably a coincidence.

    The other aspect of this equation is, since your team is a token buyer team you've got a target on your back. Other active managers will recognize your high quality team and this may increase the likelihood of them maxing their win bonus, player morale and/or player condition for this match, compared to other matches against lesser quality teams.
    Well said!
    I know it's something I do if I come up against a token buyer. I pull out all the bells and whistles to get a win over them.
    Another thing to note is that there is no 'right' way to dominate this game unless you literally spend thousands which is just stupid.
    There are so many factors at play, and you can talk to some of the managers that have been playing for 2-3 years and they'll tell you they're still learning a lot of things. In other words, you will go through good and bad patches. Just sounds like an unlucky coincidence to me, unfortunately!

    p.s If Nik is saying he hasn't come across it...then it probably isn't a thing
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    In my 14th season, I had troll results but only 1-2 per season but never had a continual under-performing period (from whole my team, not only 1,2,3 players) except the last week- 10 last days of 12th period. I explain this from many injuries, had 5 reserves only and (good) players starting playing bad after healing-injured-healing again.
    This whole period so far I was keep building (without rushing) so I don't think construction is relative.
    As for win bonus, I think it's just a +1 (or 2,3,4) % from my experience but also when I asked with this old post, and many experienced forum members had a different approach - answers.
    That's my personal rule (because we didn't have so far a clear answer from game developer) :
    If I ask (or read something) and there aren't clear/positive answers from many experienced forum members then there isn't an issue or else they would noticed that or it's a slight effect.
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