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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeves View Post
    Actually it's not too strange if the recommended players are 5* instead of 6*
    The Rec. Players system tries to find you players, it's not guaranteed that it will find players that you would ALWAYS want to buy. It's just an extra option.

    What got my attention was the fact that the recommended players are so old, especially the right-most one, 34 eesh.

    I'll bring the screenshot to the attention of the devs, but I am still not sure if it's an actual issues due to the nature of the Rec. Players feature.

    Btw, even if the players are shown with 5* instead of 6* do check out how many % they need for the next star. Because they may be 1% off which basically makes them 6* players. Just gotta play a match with them or put 'em in a training session.
    Dude...u are tripping....34 is not his's his quality for that level....

    Any way what got me is that..u have like 750 tokens......WTFF??.....dude u are in an Early stage of the game.... don't waste ur money unnecessarily...u don't need 750 tokens to play this game.....
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    Oh dear god!!!

    I am an IDIOT!

    Who even does this mistake... I took the Quality in the brackets for the players' age. I actually facepalmed IRL.
    Who buy such players-jiffm.jpg

    I can't believe this. Guess that's what I get for checking the forum after work hours. Sigh...
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    Thats right, i think the same but it have to be fixed.

    Quote failed omg.

    Sherlock most of that tokens are free. I had many more but i buy a lot of players last season and close it with 175:1 goals and win all matches.
    You can get many tokens with good offers. Zb william hill casino or others. I had one where i pay 10 euro and get over 500 tokens but know only a few bad offers over and i have to save my tokens only for really good players like the players on my screen if they have normally 119% for 79 token and not 99%
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