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Thread: How to beat 4-3-1-2 ??????? i cant find any good formation

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    Generally players do fine a single square out of position. A MC generally plays well in AMC, DMC, ML, and MR too. Just avoid going crazy and you'll do fine (I limit myself to 3 out of positions players). To answer your question, yes, an AMR would do fine in MR, just know that the way you'd be playing the 4-4-1-1 the players in ML/MR need good "Handling" and "Marking" in the defense category.


    Tactics (adjust to your liking!):

    Team Mentality: Normal
    Focus Passing: Through the Middle (important)
    Pressing Style: Own Half (not important)
    Tackling Style: Hard
    Passing Style: Short
    Marking Style: Zonal

    Force Counterattacks: On
    Play offside trap: Off (important)
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    Wondering if I took the time to type out that fancy formation? Nah, check out my python script!

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    iam sorry to tell you that i have a final cup match against same formation tommorow !! and i do faced it be4 and lost using either 4411 and 451v style and i have seen history of most players using this formation it seems nothing beat it even if u were having strongest players ( i dnt know why !! ) ... so u want the truth what iam thinking to play extreme defensive formation 3331 ( 3dldcdr / dmcdmcdmc / mr mc ml / st )and try my chance !! what can i say more !! i dont know

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    For the future, you could try 3N-1-4-2, defensive minded with counterattack on, long pass.
    Depending on opponents, you could put red arr's on all your players in opponent pitch, to stop his AMC try blue arr on your DMC.
    Don't worry for ML or MR, you could use an AMR/L as well.

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