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Thread: Counter Stronger 4-4-2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloverfield View Post
    Against 442 flat i started using below formation / tactics:
    Up arrows amr/l, dr/l.
    Down arrows DCs, MCs.
    Normal or attacking, mixed passes, counter.
    Zone, low pressing (maybe high after 60min)

    Till now I have only wins.

    uhmm....don't know if it was a fluke...but i tested run: won 1-0
    Oppo 2% higher than me, i noticed a higher rate of possesion (63 vs 37% in my favor), more shots than the oppo (also on goal, with 17% efficiency), he was third on my fourth
    I will test again!
    Clove, you helped me twice...waiting for third?

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    I use 4-5-1 v against 4-4-2 i was down 3-0 in first 30 i minutes i change it to 3w-1-4-2 in 88th minutes its all 3-3 and i miss clear chance in last

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    Hi, I normally use 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 vs 4-4-2.

    4-3-1-2 may sometimes be good if you have a good strategy in the center.

    I dislike 4-1-4-1,and all formations with dmc that appears so useless vs opponents
    that do not use amc or 3 st.

    In 4-5-1 vstyle ,4-1-2-3 dmc should be used as offensive role, but with alternate fortune

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