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  1. Platinum AF with 1350 points needs new manager

    Death Zone request a Manager with team:

    * Trained by stats (high white skills)
    * Bonusses always 40%

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    Platinum AF needs 1 manager

    #YH94JG “Death Zone” is looking for a good trained team
    High white skills
    Low grey skills .... you know

    Send request to us ;)
    We have 1170 pts in this moment
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  4. Active Association Platinum looking for one good member

    #YH94JG Death Zone TEL (1190 pts) is looking for a good member

    Your team need to have high white skills %
    No teams above 115% starting this season
    Bonusses always at 40%

    Send request if your...
  5. Entrenan por Stats? Necesito 1 manager para mi...

    Entrenan por Stats? Necesito 1 manager para mi Asociación pero con jugadores bien entrenados
  6. AF Gold 1 (1250 points) needs manager

    “Death Zone” is searching for an active managers wih good stats and training bonifications all at 10%

    The group will reach Platinum next season !

    Type #YH94JG and send request
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    Hi man, send request to “Death Zone” or type...

    Hi man, send request to “Death Zone” or type #YH94JG
    We are gold 1 going o Platinum
    We have already 1250 points
  8. Looking for an association 95% in the new season

    95% team
    40% bonuses
    100% active
  9. Looking for a Gold 2, 1 or Platinum division

    Well my team is Tigres FC
    It’s 102%
    I’m looking for a good association, maybe gold 2 or 1 could be fine
    I’m very active and i want to grown up your group
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