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  1. Im Not Angry Im Just Bored Of This Happening

    Simply said, i put effort into making my team while others don't or spend money (for which are pathetic) but why am i getting results like this? I beat the same team on both occasions last season (i...
  2. Can someone explain this because i cannot.

    My team got to both finals and lost and i won the league and scored over 140 goals in the league last season but why now is everything going to sh!t, the same thing happened when i did the triple in...
  3. Kits don't specify if you can use the kit with another kit.

    Just wasted 10 tokens because i can't use a blue and white as away and a red and white kit as home, please refund me fully because this is a joke, and in your next update please state on the kits...
  4. My team is not doing as well as before after i complained about devs fixing games

    Title says it all. I enjoy playing this game so why am i being treated like ****? Why are you doing this? answer you arseholes.
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    Devs Fix Games PROOF

    12069Happened to me last season but didn't take any notice but this time it annoyed me for the blatant fixing as you can see. I had myself supporting and had 5 other friends, my opponent had none but...
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