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    Time for new commercials

    Commercials are a good source of bonus (and for sure a good way for Nordeus to make money also).

    When we reach the daily limit,
    why dont you show us how much time to unblock new ads ?
    Why not...
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    Fast position and skill update

    I think position and skill should be easily upgradable.
    Thats part of the manager tactic skills.

    Makes no sense to wait for weeks for a player to update those 2.
    And much less sense to loose...
  3. Of course only top8 looses 1 star... because they...

    Of course only top8 looses 1 star... because they go up one level.
    The remaining 8 keep the star, so they can be a bit stronger in following season.

    Even with this rule, the bottom8 is always...
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