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    A little research on Top Eleven

    Hello Top Eleven bro's

    I'm doing a research for freemium football games. I'd appreciate if you take a moment to answer the questions below.

    1) Age?
    2) Are you into football much? Do you watch...
  2. This game has just proven the logic of formations dont matter at all

    I lost 0-3 in my own stadium to a weaker team without centre backs, he didnt even attend the game while I did.
    His formation was 2(DL/DR)-2(dmc)-3-1-2.

    since they removed the illegal formation...
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    Help vs money spending team

    In the beginning of this season I beat this team with 0-1 away, a few matches later this guy had a 2-2 draww and somehow this triggered him to plunder his bank account and buy tons of scout players....
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