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  1. Where is my Association Tournament Trophy???

    My association was placed !st in this weekends tournament dated 10th and 11th of september 2016. Prior to the tournament we had 8 1st place trophies and 2 runnerup trophies. so after winning this...
  2. Confused abt manager level. Can You hop some levels?

    What i know until now is that if a T11 manager ends the season in the top 7 in league he levels up. i mean a manager of level 1 will be promoted to 2 then to 3 ie. every season by 1 number.
    Is there...
  3. How to beat this weird 4-2-2-2??? Association matchup in 6 hrs?


    4-2-2-2 formation

    ST _ ST
    AML _ _ AMC _
    ML _ _ MC _

    _ DC DC DC DR
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