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  1. Cant Bid on 5star player from a team that got player on negotiations list

    I am regularly checking negotiations for players and i am checking the whole team of the person that the player belongs to.
    Today i found one 72 skill player (75 is scout for my lv) and i couldnt...
  2. Browse through higher lvl teams on my server?

    As title that possible? through the cup competition i can browse teams that are at the same lv or 1 above me. I can barely find suitable players there. Even if there are..they might...
  3. player search engine that will give more dinamic in player-player negotiations!

    If a person lacks a player in certain possition, and wants a good transfer deal, its not always achievable. Young and perspective players arent always in the wanted position it all comes to...
  4. Player in negotiations list even if the manager seems innactive.

    Hi. This was a really bad start of the season, taking transfer list into account. The 1st good young fast trainer i found was in day 6. i put an offer but the problem is that the manager seems...
  5. fast trainer low progress after 5th star (NOT SCOUT)

    As the title says...a youth 24token tallent had 120-150 in hard practice mach 60ish in normal training on practice match.
    When he get to 5 stars (NOT SCOUT) he started training 80-100 and 40 on...
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    Not even money video button today...

    Not even money video button today...
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    Nothing in Bulgaria and only $$$ in Sweden....

    Nothing in Bulgaria and only $$$ in Sweden. Confuzzled where are u from than? Guess packs are back for few countries only
  8. Allright cheers for the info

    Allright cheers for the info
  9. Youth player purchase 2 days before end of season... Bad idea?

    My academy will release 2 players in 2 days. Is it worth buying youth player that is about to turn 19 in 2 days?
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