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  1. Rather than mourning the loss of negotiations,...

    Rather than mourning the loss of negotiations, can we think of fun new features instead? For example:

    - More interactive/realistic scout: e.g. you assign your scout to look for players of a...
  2. Anyone noticed that the assistant/recommended...

    Anyone noticed that the assistant/recommended players seem to be better?

    Last 10 seasons my recommended players were all 22+ yo, 400 tokens or more, always positions I didn't need, e.g. where I...
  3. Thread: No adverts

    by alsion

    No adverts since installing the 2019 update...

    No adverts since installing the 2019 update (nearly a week ago). Says it's searching but never finds any ads. Android. Tried WiFi as well. Why? I can't even get ads for the 2x training bonus. Another...
  4. Substitutions take too long to be made

    Hi, I have been playing the game for nearly a year and notice no improvement in substitutions

    When you make a substitution, it can take 30-40 minutes for that substitution to be made - this is...
  5. Training short-cuts: select all substitutes / train all to 81%

    Some ideas to make training less tedious:

    1. Button to select all substitutes at once (as I do every morning, to get bonuses back up to 10%)

    2. Quick-train button to train all players until...
  6. Thread: Youth Players

    by alsion

    Is there any way to influence how good the Youth...

    Is there any way to influence how good the Youth player is, or what position he is?
    If it is just luck, how often do you get a Youth player worth spending tokens on - every 10 seasons? Every 20...
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