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    Buying a scout player, nd train him

    Hey,i was thinking about buying a scout player next season, but i have some questions about it:

    -Can i buy a fast trainer as a scout? So im planning to spend some green packs on him, but is it...
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    30 Token disappeared...

    So today i logged in first around 3:50AM and i've seen the message that my association got promoted, and we won 30 tokens. After that, maintenance came, and then when i was able to log in again, my...
  3. yeah, can you give me a name or ID? :)

    yeah, can you give me a name or ID? :)
  4. 5*+ team looking for a good association


    I am playing every day, i have an association, but it has inactive players... We are in silver 1, so if possible, im looking for one, around silver 1 too.

    Thanks for your time guys!
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