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    Auction list

    Sorry for that post,but after Top 11 changes connected with the auction list I think it was in November,I had HORRIBLE players there...I saw that a lot of players who are my friends and are equal...
  2. Level up the infrastructure

    I really hope you will give us the opportunity to develop the infrastructure-medical centre,youth academy,store will be really good for the managers,cause most of us develop them to the...
  3. Ban LIVERPOOL FC!He is a cheater..

    Well,the manager of LIVERPOOL FC is Ahmed Al Zaiter.He is the best manager in this game(47 level),but I really hope something will be done to be banned.He is a cheater because he used a programme to...
  4. Reducing price of scout players

    I think it's really awfull a scout player to cost you 50 tokens in comparison with a player who can buy from the auctions for 1-2 tokens(the difference in their quality is about 5,but the difference...
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