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  1. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response....

    Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response. We are full now and closing this thread. :)
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    005R1U - Join my Friendly League

    Please join our friendly league. We are already 4 members with more than 10k Reputation.
    Code - 005R1U
  3. 005R1U - Friendly League with 5 members already (including 2 75+ level players)

    Please join my friendly league with max reputation and level 75 players. Code - 005R1U
  4. Active players needed for my new Association

    Hi there,

    I am a level 5 manager with 2 leagues, 1 Cup and 1 Champions League win. Going for the triple crown this season :)
    I need active players for my brand new association having more than 5...
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