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    Why do I lose? Annoying algorithm.

    so I've been playing this for about 3-4 months now, and I noticed that:

    if you have a team that is higher in quality by more than 7 or 8, you receive an unfair disadvantage for whatever reason....
  2. i know i couldnt win, but i just wanted to not...

    i know i couldnt win, but i just wanted to not make a fool out of myself :)

    Anyway, your formation plus playing at home helped. it was 0:0 until around 60th min, my DML stupidly got sent off, had...
  3. Important game and weird formation! HELP!

    My av quality is 26.3 compared to my opponent's 23.4. I have one more star than him, but last time i was beaten 4-0

    by using 4-5-1 v style against his weird

  4. is 5-1-2-1-1 legal? if so, how can i beat this formation?


    So my opponent is using this weird formation that i've never seen before.
    Seems to be working for him, but...
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