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  1. Haven't been playing the game for a while,does...

    Haven't been playing the game for a while,does anyone know if there has been any updates regarding this?
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    Atleast people are spending cash to get...

    Atleast people are spending cash to get stronger.But the tanking is just ridicilous.
    It's obviously hard to beat a fully spent token team. But it's a game and the devolopers have to make cash....
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    Exactly the reason why i am not playing anymore....

    Exactly the reason why i am not playing anymore. I've came back to check if theres any auction regarding this.
    It's super unhealthy for the game that it rewards you for dropping league/not advancing...
  4. Looking for compettive people to reach plat[Gold 2 RN]

    I'm looking for people that try to stay competitve.
    Our goal is to reach Platinum. We are currently Gold 2. We'll be most likely staying in Gold 2 this season aswell.
    The clan has peaked in gold 1...
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    Improving tv-rights

    I know that this has been suggested before.
    But it's kinda ridicilous that after 4year it has still not been solved.
    there are 4 tv-rights right now.
    The 3rd option is really terrbile right now....
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    Personal trainer

    Right now the tokken prices to get increase a players stars is ridicilous. It's understable for high star players.
    But if you want your 2 star player to be a 5star player it costs way to much. It...
  7. People are dropping league to increase their player stars to win their assocation.

    There are some people that try to lose all their games in the league to end last place. They use their main line up in assocation matches. When the assocation matches end they change their...
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    Saving Training regimes

    There should be an option to save your favorite training. So you can choose between your favorite training methods. Instead of clicking it all over again.
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    Special/ Position Training

    I feel like this option has been really underwhelming. I hope Nordeus can do something to improve this.
    My personal opinion: The quality growth of a player should not be affected. To be honest you...
  10. Star Reduction after every season/ Higher experience for players

    I feel like the stars gained should be equal to the star reduction.
    In a season you'll usualy earn around 10 stars points for a average player. Meanwhile the star reduction is 20. I just hope that...
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