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  1. 15minutes to be the Winner Champion League !! see this preview and give comment !!

    final champion league Lv 6..

    i need your comment for this match,, this is the best match of my live...
  2. final champion and match 25 in league to be the Winner 1st (same team)

    this is detail for my player and him, i hope u can give me a good idea to beat him. 29402941

    thanks before..
  3. up up uup up up

    up up uup up up
  4. detail please....

    detail please....
  5. i'm lv 6 before my formation 3-1-4-1-1 \...

    i'm lv 6

    before my formation 3-1-4-1-1 \ 3-1-4-2
  6. i need your suggest for my team. to make a great formation to offensive formation

    hi bro..can u give me your suggest to make a good formation. offensive style. excatly 4-3-3(mc-mc-mc) / 4-3-1-2(mc-mc-mc)

    this pic my team profile.. i hope this information can help u to give me...
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