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  1. Mickyboy

    Marc DC and Mikilions.fc it's easy to buy the best team about bro.Mick ( Rangers fc) but I know that losing a star off each season you win is a pain cos it puts you on a par with everyone else but...
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    Mick leyden

    Club de la Pena has cheated by spending a fortune on making a team full of players who have between 8/9 stars,even the subs and hes only a level 2 like me but I use tactics, training and rotating the...
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    Mick leyden

    I hate the ppl that go out and spend a fortune in order to win everything yes you Club de la Pena hes only on level 2 just like me but has over 32million and every player even subs are at least 7/8...
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