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  1. TOP11 Gmail account - can t see the stats of the new players i bought
  2. change pitch pattern locked
  3. mes repos ont disparu en une nuit
  4. Live event offer - not getting what was promised
  5. Boost lab not working
  6. Home Screen - Fixture Not Showing
  7. DID Not receive the points for my FA for my second place
  8. Ads issues after update?
  9. Ads
  10. NO FA again , same Issue as last weekend on friday!!
  11. tokens
  12. One of the special sponsor tasks is bugged?
  13. Token Loss
  14. I can't eliminate the priority in the youth academy
  15. Transfer account from too old ipad to new ipad, without facebook/Game Centre connect
  16. Server down !!!! Again !!!!!!!
  17. 2 matches in 2 minutes?
  18. can't request bonus in association
  19. unable to login in web version
  20. NO FA Tournament this 1st weekend of Season???
  21. All sponsor assignments are already compromised by shifting time of the device.
  22. Ligue Result is missing in the Table
  23. the APP was very slow
  24. I have a problem. All of my players lost their skill points!
  25. Disqualification from the FA
  26. No league trophy from last season
  27. Can't purchase in game tokens
  28. Problem with Alliance/ union price
  29. Server down !!!! Again !!!!!!!
  30. Beware of freeze scam
  31. [Official] Connection problems - April 23rd
  32. Server Down?
  33. Recent match records not showing for both own and opposition teams
  34. association match time bug
  35. Assoc schedule changed
  36. daily Videos
  37. Special Sponsor Bug
  38. Is the Achievement working?
  39. Total possession bonus bug
  40. Substitution Problems During Matches
  41. my game is totally bugged, any help?
  42. 442 toon challenge is jammed
  43. Not received my top scorer award from last season
  44. Link my Facebook to my club
  45. On Fire Issue
  46. Refferals
  47. Cannot view stats on cup games.
  48. Special sponsor - win 3 in a row
  49. Pitch pattern not available
  50. Association points
  51. players not 'going on fire' when reaching a 20% increment
  52. Referral issue...
  53. Issue With Playing the game by means of General Mobile Tablet
  54. Issue Concerning The Ads
  55. Not promoted but players have lost 20%
  56. Problem to Connect to the server since the new season starts
  57. game on the computer
  58. Ridiculous association fixture time - Sunday 28/03 2.12am start!? Really!?
  59. Audio glitch on mobile
  60. Association games match result error
  61. Association friendlies
  62. Won the match but the result of the match was cancelled
  63. Cannot see friend from facebook on the friendlist(we are both connected). Please help
  64. A suggestion, in the videos diarios.
  65. Game closes and becomes unplayable
  66. Going to the Store crashes the app on android
  67. Friends not in game but friends on FB
  68. **A premium special sponsor reward went missing after claimed***
  69. Association bonuses issue
  70. what's up with the top eleven?
  71. Match report tactics screen issue
  72. Connection error at the first opening attempt
  73. Tour of Champions
  74. DL/DR players are not able to assist players from flanks.
  75. wrong compitition form shown.
  76. Add friends
  77. Cannot connect to server
  78. Unlocking premium sponsor
  79. Problem with Unlocking the premium special sponsor
  80. Video problems - Problemas nos videos
  81. Special sponsor reward
  82. Five friends suddenly unfriended???
  83. Added friend on facebook, friend not appear on friend list
  84. No on fire for gained stars (5 to 6 stars)
  85. King Of Kings - Visibility/Performance Issues - 6 Feb
  86. Sorting opponent squads by age is not working.
  87. Training issue
  88. Player statistics first League match not counted
  89. Last games put in the wrong order
  90. Issue?stadium not full...
  91. [Official] Issue with match reports - 2nd of February
  92. match not ending properly
  93. associations
  94. "No Internet connection available. Connect to Internet and restart application"
  95. Friend invited, accepted, not seen in my list
  96. No Top Scorer award
  97. upcoming match not shown in fixture
  98. Game played and won but points not given
  99. “Support” not really supporting anymore (if ever)
  100. Video problems - Problemas nos videos
  101. Red card
  102. Where are the ads?
  103. Bug, injury after the third change
  104. problem with the app
  105. friendly match cancalation button doesn't work (Web Ver 11.0)
  106. No Myanmar Flag Again! [emoji25]
  107. Fixture list frozen
  108. Issues
  109. Accidentally used fully rest and lost over 100 that I'd carefully saved ☹️
  110. Tanking
  111. Video stuck
  112. Stuck on ad search since 3 days ago
  113. Tour of the Three Kings
  114. [Official] Announcement - Tour of the Three Kings Status
  115. Tour of Three Kings - Event Joining/Visibility Issue
  116. Unnecessary promotion.
  117. Worthless game
  118. Not applied special sponsore task when requirements has been done
  119. Special Sponsor Rewards?.?.
  120. Issue after loading game
  121. whats a bug?
  122. Away Kit
  123. Issue Statistic sezon
  124. King of Kings Winter Throne not starting
  125. Very slow daily videos
  126. lag in web
  127. bug sweepstakes?
  128. Preferred Formation and Style
  129. Can't claim top scorer prize
  130. Bought premium but did not receive it
  131. Adding non-fb friend who is not same level
  132. Missing member in academy of talents
  133. Facebook Login Issues 26 November 2020
  134. Tactical masterpiece
  135. free rests not working
  136. error: xdr encoding failure (web version)
  137. Match Statistics not getting updated during the match
  138. 1 on 1 fire not working
  139. My player got a one match ban for 2 yellow cards in 4 matches
  140. Road to glory problem
  141. Problem with preparation before the game
  142. Training not possible
  143. Daily Videos
  144. Play in browser without linked to Facebook
  145. Tapjoy Video Ads not loading
  146. A few ads are are not opening and bug in friendlies
  147. Can't supporting other managers
  148. Didn’t receive my 7 rest package from ground building
  149. Lost stars when not promoted
  150. Match error when making a substitution
  151. Bad feelings
  152. Over 2000+ skill points??
  153. League Top Rated Rank
  154. Video offers not loading
  155. New role
  156. level 11 meets level 10 in the super league.
  157. No attendance to my games
  158. Flashing on screen during Halloween special event game
  159. NO DAILY LOG-IN Bonus in Webversion since Oct 30,2020
  160. A lot of bugs...........
  161. Developing some features
  162. Token price
  163. No fans at competition match
  164. Condition error
  165. 2 yellow cards but not suspended
  166. Not receiving attributes. Only ability points.
  167. Friendly matches when I am challenged ruining my winning streak
  168. Leave friendly championship before it's starts
  169. Potenciar X2 la bonificación de entrenamiento
  170. Condition
  171. Reset day is not working? Calender not correct!!
  172. Training bugged???
  173. Can't view match report for most matches today
  174. Can't connect to facebook: Already have another team
  175. Linking to facebook account
  176. Token
  177. Lag on web again
  178. New position
  179. Negative tokens?
  180. Bug in daily videos
  181. Negoation transfer market bug ?
  182. Login facebook not working
  183. Special Sponsor 2nd Special Ability Bug
  184. Special Sponsor Award issue
  185. Tapjoy ads slow to play
  186. Video reward bug
  187. Reward desapeard
  188. Problems with training (2 training left for ever??)
  189. 1+1 on fire morale reward
  190. Team in wrong level
  191. Didn't get league match point.
  192. New bug ! League games disappearing from fixture list
  193. No Top Scorer Challenge
  194. Bug - Tasks
  195. https://apps.facebook.com/topeleven/ no loading
  196. Day 3 hs started but cannot see my league opponents or games
  197. I think I may have accidentally released a player I wanted to sign
  198. I can't sell a player
  199. Top scorer reward
  200. Not receiving items from ads.
  201. Everything lost after a break of 2 months
  202. Special Sponsor - Prep Master
  203. Reporting Community Items Scammers Link and Latest known scammer alerts
  204. Laged to buy player I didnt want to buy.
  205. Not able to watch friends fixtures and support
  206. Actualizacion
  207. No control bonus leads to loss
  208. PC lags back
  209. Opera browser update issue
  210. No attendance to my games
  211. Facebook friends won't show up
  212. APP not working properly since the update and bug
  213. count of workouts
  214. Personal Trainers
  215. Two results for a same match.
  216. Previous match report doesnt show up.
  217. Glitch 200+ player
  218. Red star dublin cant connect since sunday
  219. Daily Update Issues - August 18 - No League Table; Condition Reset
  220. Didnt get top goalscorer bonus
  221. In Game help is USELESS!
  222. Appearance bug
  223. Special Sponsor: Top recruiter bug
  224. 15th of 15 attendances didn't register for Special Sponsor
  225. I can’t claim my Friendly championship reward
  226. I lost 30 rest packs without reason!
  227. special sponsor is gone
  228. Associations Matching BUG!
  229. 0 Spectators in Cup matches
  230. Income from Friendlies bug??
  231. Game keeps sending notifications for messages from the Support that I already read.
  232. My friend disappeared and we can't support each other :/
  233. Start 3 matches with bonuses at max
  234. haksız yenilgi aldım. NORDEUS TINLAMIYOR
  235. Shame on you (8th august)
  236. Workover Match
  237. Special Sponsor task: Optimal team bonus bug
  238. Trouble with home games attendance
  239. again... match details are gone once again...
  241. Cant load URL..help me please..
  242. GK jersey selection doesn't work and disconnects
  243. Special sponsor & Youth Acadamy
  244. King of kings challenging lagging really bad
  245. Everything disappear - New bug
  246. Android - No Club Menu, No way to exit tutorial.
  247. ANNOUNCEMENT - Walkover Matches - 8th August - Details
  248. Verbände
  249. Special Sponsor and Youth Academy Bug
  250. the logo icon still shows the old 10th birthday logo