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Thread: Season 46

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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    It's supposed to be launched at 08:30am ICT on October 20.
    just before that night Oct 19th is also fine ... but it is 4 days early
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    Quote Originally Posted by pnr8555 View Post
    For this season I have to post another one?
    No, It's fine, You've posted it now.

    I guess your like me, anxious for a new season to start. League is already won and I've no Cup or CL Final to play in this season, so quite a dull end for me this season.
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    New season is about to start in the next 2 days...bumping this up



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    Too early again. Will post 'How I am Doing' 2 days later when next season start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnr8555 View Post
    New season is about to start in the next 2 days...bumping this up
    New season, but same old **** .....
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    for the 1st time lost in semi final i don't bother to watch the matche and no investissement last season

    next season all will change,
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    i`m doing well so far still unbeaten

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    Guys, I am here, in the forums, for a couple of weeks now and I am already feeling like being in the kindergarden. Please act like adults.

    Anyway. I am completing my second season and first in the league. Next season I'll be playing in the Champions league for the first time (YAY!). All my important players are 5*+, and most of my subs are 4* but I expect pretty good performance from my boys, most of them are 21-25 years old. Also, last season I lost the Cup competition in the quarterfinals as I played against the strongest team, who eventually won the Cup.

    So, this season my priorities are 1st in the league and semifinals in the Cup and CL. I got some tokens during the promotion last weekend, about 400 to be exact, but I am not spending anything for the first half of the season. Arsenal FC signed a few top class players midseason - The 5* Ephraim GK, The young 6* scout ST - Simeonov, scoring like crazy, and the very promising young L/C defender Jelic. The Arsenal is only second level so we are expecting our first two young players from the training school just a day before the start of the new season. We hope for a good defender and a promising and young 4* MC, after we suffered a few serious injuries of some of our major players in the last few games of the season: The promising new striker Simeonov for five games, our very expensive new attacking/left midfielder W. De. Deugd, in a friendly match. Also our fastest trainer the defender Kokaldzhiev, and our fundamental playmaker of counter-attacks E. Gomez (DMC/MC). All of them for 4 to 6 games. But, we expect all of our important players to be up and in shape for the beginning of the new season, 3 "weeks" later.

    Anyway, as a starting team with solid but caucious funding, we hope for the TOP 3 in all three competitions, and anything better will be a great success.

    420 tokens (not for spending this season), 5 treatments (to be used before season), 18 morale, 31 rests (to be used for training before season). And $2.4 m in the end of the current season.

    Only 3.2K fans, but we started too late last season and we also cuold not qualify for the CL.

    Good luck to all managers!
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    I'm also finishing up my lvl 2 season, have just won the cup tonight and am just waiting for them to return my 1st in league trophy so I can put it back in the cabinet.

    After a disappointing loss in the cup semi I'll still be chasing the elusive treble in the new season. Although my gf's team, which I co manage (lol@co), managed to pickup the cup + league for the second season in a row, so I kinda did get the triple (just not all on one account).

    At present I've been saving my tokens for the past week or so for the upcoming season, as I'm hoping to replace a few players who didn't work hard enough at training.

    My lvl2 storage locker currently contains:

    11 tokens
    2.2 million dollars (with another 1.6M coming tomorrow)
    56 medical boosters
    24 moral boosters
    14 condition boosters

    With an average player being 22.4yrs (but will be +1 tomorrow) and 24.4 quality.

    Perhaps I'll see Arsenal this season if you're on the same server. Although I sorta hope not lol, as I'm getting used to winning and don't fancy stopping just yet lol.

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    too the two above post, trust me as you up level it will get harder as you meet less bot and abandoned teams but do you have the patience to stay the distance when things go wrong

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