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    Quote Originally Posted by Razz View Post
    My experience
    This is what the advertisers record:
    Trialpay paid 2 out of 19
    Sponsorpay 11 out of 39
    Matomy 3 of 20
    Supersonic 20 of 45
    tokenAds 5 of 21
    Peanut labs 9 of 36
    Jampp No record (seems to pay more often)

    I'd double the number attempted that don't even get credited as an attempt.
    This doesn't count the videos (Sponsorpay never works, matomy pays about 1 token for every 6 videos, the others are good on paying for videos) nor the TokenAds offers on the right which seem to pay about 1 of 8.

    In summary, not only do we get screwed, but so does Nordeus.
    All offers should get you the proper reward if you have properly completed them (with all offer requirements met).

    If there's a problem with one offer and you are sure you completed all the necessary steps, don't hesitate to contact the offer provider and claim what you deserve. To claim, simply go back to the offer wall of the specific provider and click the "Missing Tokens?", "Help" or "Support" link, which will guide you through the process of claiming for your offer. Add all info you can, screenshots, receipts, emails, to proof you completed the offer as required.

    All offer providers in Top Eleven have a procedure to do these claims: they will assign you a case ID and reply some days later (it can be up to a week). If you're not satisfied by the final resolution, you can contact our Support team (simply press the Help button in Top Eleven app) and they will look into this matter. Please don't forget to include your case ID and the name of the provider, so our Support team can contact with the provider and verify what happened.

    Actually, the big majority of the offers in Top Eleven are automatically tracked, but if there's a problem (for example, conectivity issues or lag) it may not be properly tracked. Also, big offers usually require more steps and, because there's a lot of fraud activity targeting them, any small inconsistency would require manual verification.

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    the only way i earned with more than 500 tokens in two years is by watching videos , but the last two months there was no video to watch , what about you guys can you still find or watch video to get tokens ?

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    In my experience, the tokens aren't worth it unless it's the bigger offer. They almost never add on automatically, and you have to send screenshots out all the time, it's too much work for 1 token.
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