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Thread: That's it, I've had enough

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    Dec 2013
    that's not a good answer... I think that the game is fun, but far to be perfect.
    And should be nice to have improvements that would make the game even better, but that are ignored because they "already had millions of people playing the game"
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    if you want to quit, you should consider the rest of us, before you do:
    -sell the best players
    -get rid of the tokens you still have, by signing free agents, and sell the players 4* or above
    -put the player in the formation you see in the pics below
    -you should never have a GK in his post, try the worst player you have
    -hard train them before you go
    -just a personal touch, change the name of the team to "i quit" )That's it, I've had enough-75915_1414860515425353_1684067245_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-995041_803012019712997_1903086755_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-1004957_1412849218958906_465807427_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-1480616_1395470940710434_1533226079_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-1546324_1401506593432587_1058893008_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-1560446_803012663046266_927682245_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-1601495_1412849248958903_2017033869_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-1604441_1414860532092018_1968690808_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-1613872_1395470920710436_1145956228_n.jpgThat's it, I've had enough-1618407_1401506290099284_2124014172_n.jpg
    Level 1 - League 3rd place (started late, in the season)
    Level 2 - League 2nd place, CL 2nd place (both due to troll results)
    Level 3 - League 1st place, CL 1st place, Cup (lev 6) 3rd place
    Level 4 - League 1st place, CL 1st place

    Bought 28 Tokens, referrals 32 Tokens, won 3 Tokens.

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