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    Funny its the same team that beat dude whose team is neck and neck with me in race for the league title.

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    If you want me to quit, just ask!

    So I have some pretty good grass that reduces injury chances down, its upgraded at least 5x. Averaging an injury a game. I heal a player, he gets re injured, I sink money into the game to heal players, and they get injured again.

    Thanks for the game yo, but you can stick it up your arse. Im sick of trying to keep up with the injuries.
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    Believe me updating grass has no effect on the injury rate...Its purely cosmetic...

    If a player is getting injured again and again sell him...And if you have healed a player then do not put him into a match straight away......
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    The tightening of the grip is producing results.

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    trolled by the new commentary, it comes up as goal on the top bar, then has the 2nd bit :[

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    Today I beat the my league's leader 2-3 on the road (WOOHOO!). However, the table makes it the most meaningless win ever...

    The Vent Thread #3 + Latest Discussions Index-tablemovement.jpg

    I also had two injuries and a suspension as a result of that match
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    I hear everyone bitching at Nordeus, and calling them idiots and whatever, yes the algorithm's/engine for this gemme is very poor, after all it's not really a 'real' gemme, but again very poor, even for a crappy FB gemme, although we have to think, who are the fools, idiots...etc, us or them....?

    Because, they put out this pish poor gemme, but we all KEEP playing it, including me!! They are the ones with healthy bank balances....I'm sure if people stopped spending money, they may take notice....I have never spent a penny on this gemme, prob why I get the weird happenings and results....?

    To be honest though, the stupid crap that happens in this gemme CAN actually happen in real life....In an analog world ANYTHING CAN happen, ANYTHING....Thats the big difference between analog and digital....The digital world if finite, not infinite....

    In the real world, a keeper could actually dribble the ball through 6,7,8 players and score, a team could have 3 players sent off and still score, a team could win with no keeper, wee teams can beat bigger teams....etc, Some of these things are unbelievable, BUT could and can happen.
    Now, the probability of these things happening are extremely low, and the probability of these things happening again and again are next to impossible, and I think that is one of the main issues with the gemme.
    It also shows the crappyness and stupidity of the programmers....Then again, as I said above, why would they(nordeus) care, people spend so much money on this gemme it's as unbelievable as a team winning with no keeper....

    Even after saying all this and continuing to bitch about this gemme, knowing its just a pish poor FB gemme....The probability of me continuing to play is high!....But Like I said I have never and WILL never spending a penny on it....Personally I think they should take away any and every option to use real cash to gain an advantage, real cash shoud not be a part of it....

    Because after all, as we all know, in real life, money doesnt always buy success....!! Plus it gives everyone same disadvantage....!

    That is all....(for now)
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    Honestly, this vent thread being a vent thread is just for ranting and venting; nothing more will come out from it. Nordeus wouldn't change or look into their **** just because you say it. They will just simply imply **** Happens!

    As for me, I don't vent in here because its just pointless. If I lose a match that I should have won. Then this is how I vent:


    Everything will be forgiven and bygones be bygones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FishFlicks View Post
    Honestly, this vent thread being a vent thread is just for ranting and venting; nothing more will come out from it. Nordeus wouldn't change or look into their **** just because you say it. They will just simply imply **** Happens!....
    Nordeus seems to ignore the forum right now, especially in the commentary thread. Nothing actually changed!
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    Unless you pay for tokens, you will likely not win your league, even when the players you have are higher rated than your opponents, and even when you make sure you run correct counter formations. Nordeus will make sure you don't win the league. They'll also hit you with an insane amount of injuries. I refuse to buy tokens. I download the apps for tokens and play that way. Never will they get my money again. Favoritism is the law here, you pay you win. I'd rather not win if this is the case.
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