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Thread: Season 54

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    Played the team in 8th today. Even though they were in 8th to my 2nd, only 3 points separate us in the table, so I was expecting a tight game.

    I overslept, so had a bit of dread when logging in knowing the game had been played and wondering what the damage would be. Got to the result page and was in shock. I had won 8-0. Very delighted with that. This is the only game that FC Halifax Town play today, as we are out of the cup.

    Shortly after turning up today I had a board meeting with those in charge of FC Halifax Town and it was agreed that the time was right for the club to rebrand its shirt and badge. From now on we will be adorning the badge of St George, (The England flag) as our team logo. We have also swapped the shirts to the home and away England shirts too. These are now in use, replacing the free shirts that Nordeus gave us last season. From keeping the same shirts/logo from season 1 to 15, we have now rebranded (although kept the same name) twice between season 16 and this current season 17.

    The total token spend today stands at 71. (25 tokens on the logo, 23 on home shirt, 23 on away). The board of Halifax are happy with this expenditure, as they have farmed just short of 400 Tokens since the start of the season.

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    New Jerseys

    After consultation with the board, it was agreed that after 3 consecutive League titles, 2 consecutive Champions League and League doubles, and with the World Cup starting today, FC Bristbury should update their jerseys. However, it was decided that the same colour scheme of green and red for the home jersey and red and black for the away jersey should remain the same, although the shades could be altered. And so, our new jerseys are showcased below along with our original and current logo. They will also shortly be updated on the original post, along with any other out of date pictures.

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    Kentucky FC update:
    2-0 away in the league at the 2nd in table (without watching and the opponent watched it) and 1-1 at home in the cup (watching and the other manager was not watching). Shangzhen and Lungu scored in the league, while Drury scored in the cup and reached scout level.

    Season 54-drury.jpg

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    Season 2 Level 2:

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    Season 3 Level 3:

    - Valdo Santos Jr Rivaldinho (Brazilian) 19 ST one on one scorer Q 51 9 stars
    - Kevin Santambrogio (Italian) 19 AMC/ST one on one scorer Q 50 9 stars

    Season 7 Level 7:

    - Karl Heinz Micu (German) 20 AML/AMR/ST shadow striker Q 70 9 stars
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    - José Lopez (Chilean) 18 ST one on one scorer Q 86 9 stars
    - Alexandre José Moreira (Brazilian) 23 GK one on one stopper Q 85 9 stars

    Season 11 Level 11

    - Matías Valletta (Argentine) 20 AMC/ST free kick specialist Q 91 9 stars
    - José Lopez (Chilean) 19 ST one on one scorer Q 91 9 stars

    Season 12 Level 12

    - Matías Valletta (Argentine) 21 AMC/ST free kick specialist Q 99 9 stars
    - Alexandre José Moreira (Brazilian) 25 GK one on one stopper Q 95 9 stars

    Season 13 Level 13

    - Matías Valletta (Argentine) 22 AMC/ST free kick specialist Q 101 9 stars

    Season 14 Level 14

    - Matías Valletta (Argentine) 23 AMC/ST free kick specialist Q 106 9 stars

    Season 15 Level 15

    - Matías Valletta (Argentine) 24 AMC/ST free kick specialist Q 111 9 stars

    Season 16 Level 16

    - Marcelo Diarco (Argentine) 18 ST one on one scorer Q 119 9 stars
    - Matías Valletta (Argentine) 25 AMC/ST free kick specialist Q 115 9 stars

    Season 17 Level 17

    - Marcelo Diarco (Argentine) 19 ST one on one scorer Q 124 9 stars
    - Matías Valletta (Argentine) 26 AMC/ST free kick specialist Q 120 9 stars
    - Simone Sanna (Italian) 18 GK one on one stopper Q 120 9 stars

    Season 18 Level 18

    - Marcelo Diarco (Argentine) 20 ST one on one scorer Q 129 9 stars
    - Matías Valletta (Argentine) 27 AMC/ST free kick specialist Q 125 9 stars
    - Simone Sanna (Italian) 19 GK one on one stopper Q 125 9 stars

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    League: Buffs FC get back to winning ways with a 2-0 home win. Mols and Slim Jim scored in the first 15 mins then nothing much seems to have happened.

    Facing the troll team tomorrow in CL - they've a cat-like striker in goal, a silky pass spraying striker for a DMC, 2 strikers up front and 3 on the bench - need to hump them for revenge *grrr*.

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    Tottenham FC teams had mixed fortunes today starting with a defeat away in the cup but we did manage to get an away goal no thanks to the manager forgetting about the early game!Season 54-untitled.jpg.

    Tottenham FC second team howerver did a good job in the league although yet again the manager was found wanting AGAIN!!!Season 54-untitled1.jpg
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    Cup: Both ickle teams were away in the 1st legs. Watched them both.

    Celtic Rangers were pegged back for a 2-2 draw after taking a 2 goal lead. Was probably a mistake to leave them full pressing and counter attacking for the whole 90. Higgins returned to form with his first MoM of the season.
    Shangalang FC got off to a slow start (after I had left them in Counterattacking mode) and went 1 behind. 1-1 at half time but the flank attacking 4-4-2 wasn't working against 4-5-1 so through the middle was ordered and 2 second half goals secured the 3-1 win.

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    @ pnr "the octipus" sounds interesting

    I have a Cup match later, but was so happy about my league I had to post now: Season 54-v-4-4-2.jpg Season 54-higlt.jpg

    I (fairly convincingly) beat a high Quality 4 4 2. SWEET!!!!!

    I didnt actually run them in 3 3 3 1, that was for show. I changed immediately to 4 1 4 1, no joy in the first half. So I swapped Tomas Tlusty out for Bobo II and switched the module to 4 2 1 2W 1.. my team(s, I've done this on the others as well) seem to like this, especially with attack minded DMC's (of which I have plenty). I had a back arrow on Zorc which he got a bad rating for even though he did well in the game by my estimation.

    My youth from last Season may be my saving grace when Bobo retires after next Season: Season 54-tt.jpg

    If I can win my Home Cup tie, this will be a perfect day.. but even if not, I'm happy to be 1st in League.


    My Cup match was against an in-game friend (hasn't happened before) a level up from myself with a strong 4 4 2.
    It could have been pretty ugly, especially since I played best Team for this formation already today, some had to rest and some got boosterized.
    The next at hers will be first match of the day with super easy League later, I'm just pleased to still be in Cup really.

    Season 54-maus-1.jpg Season 54-maus-1-ratings.jpg
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    so played 17 games and only had one blip in league by losing to a team 10 quality lower than myself, so record stands at won 16 drew 0 and lost 1, so doing o`k at the moment
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