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Thread: Season 60

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    Today's matches

    League: So for some reason, this game was close. Managed to get away with the win to begin the season nicely. I think my formation in the beginning wasn't ideal, so I changed it a little bit and had better control over the match. Nonetheless I got the victory.

    CL: Clear win. Schreyeck as usual is the one making the decisive passes. This guy is a real plus when paired with an other striker or even alone. Well done, lad.

    Tomorrow's matches

    League: Low Q opponent with a pretty open defense. Should be able to rack a good amount of goals.

    Cup: Ok so this dude has high Q players. However they're all in the wrong position. I should have the advantage but I still need to be careful because, you know, Nordeus...

    Also we have two new players

    Both defenders. Japanese player T. Akahoshi and Spanish player D. Moreno. Welcome to the team, looking forward to see some exceptional performances on your side, guys.

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    The way to win our 10th Champions League started today with a 2-0 for us :3

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    After an as usual poor cup performance (won away 2-0, lost at home 0-3 a.e.t) Kentucky FC had a better day today with a 3-1 win in the CL and a 4-0 in the league (4-1-4-1 still worked vs. 4-3N-3).

    Despite the good results I need to work on my roster. Some players despite having high quality (5*) get really bad marks. I sorted them out of the starting 11, use them in test matches, and hope they will find better form over the season.
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    Belgrade United

    Potatoes in CL game... Opponent's defence was on drugs... Opponent bribed Nordeus with some tokens to avoid doping control after the game, so, no proof...

    Season 60-6.jpg
    Season 60-7.jpg
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    FK Partizan

    1-1 away at Scotland... Opponent was much stronger, but failed to prove it on the meadow... Djogović hit Reid in the head after FK and ball bounced between goalie's legs, who luckily didn't wear kilt this time...

    Season 60-8.jpg
    Season 60-9.jpg
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    been watching a few friends who were stronger than oppo and coming away with defeats so i have to happy with being the stronger team coming away with a 1-0 win at oppo`s ground, 3pts is 3 pts
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    For the first time in 11 seasons I'm not in a league full of topeleven friends, alhough I have enough same level friends to fill 2 leagues. Only my facebookfriend is in my league, I'm guessing this was caused by the server reshuffle.

    League: 0-6 win
    CL: 2-0 win
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    Been a while since Ive posted. Last season was the worst thus far, 11th!! Not going to complain as I was in the toughest league, mostly token buyers! CL, made it to quarters and CUP as well.

    This season still level 17 so got drawn with more or less the same quality opponents which will be more fun, except for the CUP opponents are 2 levels higher, this is really annoying.
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    For the first time in a few season i start the LEAGUE only with wins.

    SBARATA FC won away 0:1 very balanced game, i had the lucky of the game.

    A a Z FC won away 1:2 again very balanced game

    ACADEMICO D FC won at home 3:0, but i am in the zombie LEAGUE, were half the managers are dead and the players turned in to zombies.

    D FC won away 1:2 against full 2* abandoned team, almost got trolled. But again this is zombie LEAGUE II

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    got a right trolling in our first league match playing against a team with about 4 players OOP we took the lead and with the very last kick they tied it up with u guessed it a header. so this morning have brought in 2 new recruits and done all our budget.
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