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Thread: Season 62

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    Feb 2015
    What have I learned?
    - I cannot win all games, but I can surprise better enemies.

    Where did I place?
    - League: 1st
    - Cup: 2nd
    - Champs: 1st

    Going to level 3.


    As long as I don't go negative.

    Anyone over 25 years.

    Triple Crown.
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    Season 1:
    League Champion

    Season 2:
    League Champion
    Champions League Champion
    Cup Runner-Up

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    Apr 2014
    Buffs FC hold out to grab League on final Day in cut-throat league 7 losses and 34 goals conceded but the title is ours.

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    Season 62-butd8.png

    Bad season...

    Season 62-12.jpg

    Season 62-8.jpg

    Player of the season...

    Season 62-13.png

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    Nagpur, India
    Won League Level 5 (i was 2nd from day 10 to 27 , claimed the first spot on last day itself )

    Season 62-screenshot_186.jpg

    Level 6 Season 6

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    Legendary Defender Louis Shepherd Plays 500th Match

    Although he may not be a 9* player anymore, our defender Louis Shepherd played his 500th match for the club yesterday at the age of 28, One thing that has to be taken into note here, Shepherd has a very good goalscoring total given he plays in defence with scoring a total of 54 goals meaning he has been a very useful attacking left back (Although versatile across defence.) through out his career thus far.

    He is now currently 7* and will be given training to maintain 7* for next season before he begins his decline towards retirement.

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    We won the league in the last round !!!

    Season 62-screenshot_2.jpg


    Season 62-screenshot_3.jpg


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    Final League Table

    Our 3rd anniversary season came to an end this evening in what has to be said a rather disappointing fashion with a 1-1 draw and to be fair it was a moddest season from us to be honest seeing we aren't the strong force as we once were. The Cup and Champions League campaigns this season were nothing to write about and our highlights were the 21-0 win over KOSANICA to equal the forum record for the highest win and also our biggest win over arch-rivals El Capo occured this season with an 9-1 victory.

    El Capo made this an interesting title race this season until their dramatic loss of form over the closing stages.

    Now that our anniversary season has ended, we will re-name back to July Fourth once again.
    *Retired From Top Eleven*

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    What have you learned from last season?

    Not to spend lots of money players from scout

    Where did you place last season?

    I was the runner up in the league. I've won the cup and Champions league.

    What's your current level?

    I'll be level 3. I'm still a newbie obviously. Once I level it up more advanced levels, I'll be competing against the more competitive clubs and talented players. Still, long way to go.
    What's your budget for this season?
    9.29m, probably it will be more when new season will be started.
    Who do you want to replace?
    One striker, one mc and defensive. I'll keep my current squad for next season.
    What are your goals for this season?
    To win all championship and become champion as an undefeated.
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    I lost CL final against a friend with Same settings, i have stronger team. Beat him in cup half final 2 times. In competition we both won one match from each other. Now he won in CL final from me so i guess we are even. Both lv 27 league i ended first he second. Hes manager level 31, i am 27 both Same league is Same players in auctions. So after all i win a double this season. Stay tuned, thanks for Reading. Nice weekend to ya all.

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    we have 1 free place in the OMA masters league if there are more interested managers, we will have 3 groups of 7, and if we add more people we will have to create a 4th group :3


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