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    WARNING! The new te21 farce AUTOINSTALLED on my phone today. That is now 2 of my teams f%%ked by auto assign! I have now uninstalled and put the old one back in but absolutely livid...

    I had a brief look round the app tho. My main observation was i can't turn the c%%t off. Had to turn my phone off to make the stupid thing go away.

    Nordeus, you have hit yet another new low! I hope lots of mugs are paying you a shed load more money for this dogs turd of an update. So far you've lost £60 of money i was ready to pay you, but I changed my mind because of it.

    Castle clash are laughing though. I had spare budget so I spent it on that instead of bottom eleven.

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    still this fu*king problem of auto assign, even without playing on the app....
    i repeat, if you don't change the transfert market, selling players with 50+ points to assign was the only way to get enough cash to end the season.

    Admin and devellopers should play (if they play, i'm not sure..) without tokens to see how hard it is to have a good team at high level (for me high is where i am,lol, so 39 now)

    abotu the android app :
    i tried another yesterday and :

    why do you need so many intrusive thongs in our phones????
    why so big files? drain my cell battery..
    can't select what you want in transfert market, it sucks
    can't see the % of "forme" of my players, too small
    and this ****ING auto assign,
    i just let it installed 10 mintues
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    I changed my players name and country but he doesn't perform anymore

    I bought a scout player 49 tokens and changed his name and country but since I did that he doesn't perform anymore. Is there any way I can fix this? Or maybe restore him to his default name and country of origin.

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    You can change his name back but in my experience most scouts are a waste of tokens. It is more likely he is misfiring because of your team set-up or that he's just a dud (as I find most scouts are). Try resting him for a few games then play him or give him a run in some friendlies to see if he improves.

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