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Thread: Season 68

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    Quote Originally Posted by La Morralla FS View Post
    How can I see this stats?
    I only play from smartphone, but I created a LOL Facebook account when I changed my mobile phone for don't lost the team.
    On the web browser version, you click on club icon (pale blue shirt and logo) and click on the history tab.
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    Last season I promised to make an effort to make my reserve keeper one of the best performing player, this I managed to do although he had a form drop in the crusal last games.

    Season 68-keeeperrrrrr.png

    one of the good things with the old app is that you can see players average
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    Top Eleven Thank server that you did everything possible in the last 5 stages will not take the championship. The defeat in the last round put decorated the dish . Since the beginning of the championship until the last stage are the 1st and 2nd place last lost 2 matches with teams of middle ranking and No. 2 are equal in recent matches .

    Again you believe that any top eleven champions elect .... put little money, you get nothing ...@$!# TOP ELEVEN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Staggy Stagg View Post
    Exciting end to season

    Attachment 50255

    3rd tean will win definitely so:

    Win - I come 1st
    Draw - 2nd
    Lose - 3rd
    1-1 draw, so ended as runner up, but happy with that as I did not improve my team at all after last seasons promotion. Spent 3 tokens all season, 2 on retiring free agents to cover for sunstitutions and 1 in week 26 to replace a retiring ML. All set for next season with my 11 first teamers and a bunch of retiring Nordgens (to be generated on day 1 next season) for subs.

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    Palace teams report - final...

    Casuals: 2nd in table, 1 in 3 chance of Championship - must win own match, 1st place (at home to 3rd place) must not win.
    Late morning kick-off away at Cam Lam VIP FC, a goal in each half from striker Mourad and left-winger Hansen net Casuals a 2-1 win. Tense 4 minutes waiting for the final result of the other match:

    Season 68-s24-results-round-26.jpg
    Season 68-s24-league-table-final-top.jpg
    Season 68-trophy-thumbs-up.jpg

    Terriers: 2nd place, chances of Championship - if they win last match, then 1st place (away at 7th place) must not win; if they draw last match, 1st place must lose.
    Having just completed their 200 seat addition to their home stadium, Terriers had a 600 seat full-house for their last game of the season against BursaSpor. Needing a win to give them the best chance of winning the Championship, they went all-out and played commandingly in a 4-1 win. Goals were from striker Atkins, midfielder Kadlec, attacking midfielder Moran and substitute midfielder Powell. Having started two minutes earlier, the result from the other match was waiting once the Terriers match was complete:

    Season 68-s01-results-round-26.jpg
    Season 68-s01-league-table-final-top.jpg

    One bit of housekeeping:
    Season 68-pt-powell-fastest-goal.jpg

    ...and has anyone ever got a handball decision here?
    Season 68-wall-handball.jpg
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    final standings

    F.C. United
    League Won 11
    League Runner up 4
    Cup Won 3
    Cup Finalist 3
    Champions League Won 5
    Champions League Finalist 9

    Season 23 Level 23

    United Til I Die
    League Won 12
    League Runner Up 4
    Champions League Won 2
    Champions League Finalist 7
    Cups Won 1
    Cup Finalist 2

    Season 32 Level 27 (Retired)

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    All this ppl searching for a counter that gives you always a 3-0 against a 4-4-2 or a counter that gives you a clear avantadge against some formation... please, touch with your feet on the groud.
    This don't exist and is enough after some years looking how always the ppl ask the same. There's not a magic key for that.
    Top Eleven is not betetr Q. win lower Q., and is not formation X win formation Y. There's something more, and you know it.

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    All I had to do today to win the league (To go with the CL I won yesterday) was to avoid defeat.

    A nice easy 7-0 win pushed me over the line as the 3rd placed team at kick off today beat the team in 2nd to leapfrog them.

    The end of season stats are in and its been pleasing to see that all my players have scored bar my keeper - and only one outfield player failed to make at least one assist. I also ended up with 9 players scoring 10 or more goals too - which is very pleasing - with one player obviously standing out as my main performer

    My main striker Hayden Foster completes the season with 68 goals to his name and 42 assists. He played a total of 38 games and was MOM in 22 of those games.

    With 44 of those goals and 35 of those assists being in the league it helped him to end up as the leagues top goal scorer as well as the leagues top assist maker. On top of that, having played in all 26 league games he also finished with the leagues highest average rating - amazingly managing to score more than 9 throughout the season, ending on 9.01 - Can anyone else boast a better average rating over an entire full league season than that?

    As far as debut seasons go Foster's has to be up there as one of the best I've ever witnessed.
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    Some players in the Valle de Escotia have low morale.

    C'mon, let me give them the antidepressants doses before the match.

    LOL... thats what really are the blue boosters... pills of the happiness.

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    got trolled on last match, I end up in third...

    Season 68-screenshot_2015-07-25-11-40-02.jpg
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