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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyltyl View Post
    What about the missing features? Any plan to add these again?

    - All time team statistics like best scorer ever, historic season records etc.
    you can see some of these at

    obviously it's not the same but at least it's something you can stare at and reminisce while having a cuppa tea.
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    May I second the stats in negotiations being missing needing looking at, particularly regarding the level of the team the player is in.
    I normally only open negotiations for players in teams two levels above me, as I have a better chance of getting an offer approved. I know we get the tokens back if the offer is not approved in 24 hours, however, by that time, an alternate player may have been sold, or been improved to too high a level.
    If the changes are likely to leave players in the negotiations window for a shorter period of time, I think we need as much information as possible available before bidding.

    On the whole, I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised. There are things I miss, things I don't.

    I like the new training mode, but am struggling slightly with my players being "93%" rather than "202"
    I like the pre-match advice, though I think it could do with some slight clarification - my first match it was obsessed with boosting health, even when most players were on 98% and 99% and more training, which of course reduced the health levels.

    I don't miss the "Historical Stats" and "Manager Achievements" probably because a lot of the information was inaccurate, at least it appear to me, my friend an I had a standing joke that I made more transfers in my first 10 seasons, than the game had listed for me for the 4 and a bit years I've been playing.

    I couldn't get my players to come off the bench during my match for some reason, I dragged them onto the pitch and pressed "save" but they stayed on the bench.

    I would also suggest that you consider making the "settings" and "help" buttons more easily visible in the next update.

    Also, mine seems to be obsessed with giving me old news reports.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moi View Post
    Of course! If there's something you don't like or you're missing in this release, feel free to say so. We take all opinions into consideration. In this same page I just replied to a user asking about missing features, which is something he doesn't like.
    Good things:
    -No injury

    Bad things:
    -After free training my player got a new star (he has open training for new position) after that when he is screwed, skills normaly go to position

    -When we have offer for negotiations, that player cannot be trained (this situation: I have player which want to sell, but I don't want to accept that offer and put price. I want to use his condition to train him, not to have situation where his condition 99 and he will get new 6% and i can't use it.

    -The BIGGEST problem: we must know training progress for players. How do I know is it talented or not without progress. I don't want to spend 50 boosters to see if it is progressing well or not.

    -Too slow progress, need a lot of time to train player at least 1Q.

    There are more but this is the most important...

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    Thanks Gwyndster, Sre10 and all managers who are giving us their impressions, good or bad. We're taking notes of everything to work on upcoming improvements that can improve your Top Eleven experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Sjarifudin View Post
    Work for me and I use Firefox

    Except new training system, I like old version more

    Attachment 62462

    But seem this new training system will become another way from Nordeus to push us buy token

    Attachment 62463
    The 'Special Coach' must be like a Rolls-Royce at Level 9 - as in, if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it!

    Top Eleven 2016 - Desktop and New Training-new-app-special-coach.jpg
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    Where can I find the general statistics of goals and assists from previous seasons ? After the update I can not find them

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    I would really say this was a good update if we could only see training progress for players , as it was before.
    Since this feature has disappeared im very disappointed , because that's one of the most important thing for a manager , and now we're clueless about who's a good player or not

    Please take into consideration this advice and revert it back , i believe many players feel the same away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
    Yeah mine says 20 tokens, how do I put a pic up?

    Anybody else being charged 20 tokens for a special coach?
    Mine says 50 tokens

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    I got a training +1 point gifted to me and I've no idea how to apply it to the player it was allocated to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Bloggs View Post
    Mine says 50 tokens

    And these types of changes are the real reason for the update, to try and make more money, 46 tokens gets you 50 rest packs, and they want you to spend 50 tokens on a special coach, now I'm guessing it;s the higher level you are, not sure, I'm level 9 and mine says 20 tokens.

    Plus they want you to train in between matches to get extra bonuses, of course this means your health goes down, more tokens for more rest packs, a complete joke, it's so shameful it's almost funny.
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