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    We did it! We're in the Champions League final!

    We are well on our way for a second treble in a row.

    My next challenge is to go unbeaten all season.

    Quickly looked at all CL results. Pitry has scored in every game, every leg from the 1/8 finals up until the final. If he scores in the final that would be a massive achievement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awe Imoleayo Peter View Post
    Effective and Efficient Win!
    Opponent in the champions league semis. Lost first leg, couldn't watch because of network issues.

    I shall be packing 2 luxurious bus tomorrow with the flying eagles and see if I can unlock park the bus achievements with a 4 2dmc 3w1amc formation. Wish me luck.
    Actually, the requirement for this achievement in this game is not appropriate as any team that do not make use of the ST position can achieve it by winning the match. For instance, a team using 4-3-3AM, 3-5-2AM or 5-3-2AM is not what 'parking the bus' is, but can easily obtain this achievement, while proper 'park the bus' formations are 5-4DMC/MC-0AM/ST and 4-6DM/MC-0AM/ST.
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    Two wins today of 6-0 each get us to CHL final and Neymar scored his 500 goal. Also league is on the pocket !!!!

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    3 Cup finals for my teams tomorrow.
    The first one is impossible to win.
    In the others, I have about 60% chances - if someone can predict a top eleven game
    Season 77 - Week 4-3-cup-finals.jpg
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    Day 25 - Palace teams report.

    Palace Terriers up first and some unfinished business in the Champions League Semi-Final. 2nd leg away, and Terriers completed a 5-1 aggregate victory with a workmanlike 2-1 win, Onder Chamoun and Declan McGranaghan the players on target.

    Season 77 - Week 4-s10-champ-hl-sf2.jpg

    Champions League Final Draw confirmed - two friends down, one last one to go. Terriers showing a severe Quality deficit in this one, will have to review the tactics...

    Season 77 - Week 4-s10-champ-final-draw.jpg

    Palace Casuals got back on the winning track again, recording a 6-0 win over a team that has suddenly decided (yesterday) to tank their way out of the CL spots. Angelo Musto racked up a hat-trick, scoring the first two and the last goals, Maarten Wiegman bagged a brace to record over 50 goals in Casuals colours in only 49 matches, and Massimiliano Gerini scored the other goal.

    Season 77 - Week 4-s33-league-hl-round-23.jpg

    Season 77 - Week 4-pc-maarten-wiegman-51g.jpg

    Palace Terriers also put their League defeat yesterday behind them with a confident performance in a 3-0 win over 3rd place, Nikolay Radev, Lukasz Sapela and Samir Gross the scorers.

    Season 77 - Week 4-s10-league-hl-round-23.jpg

    Palace Casuals in the Cup Final tomorrow morning. Facing a Level 30 (+1) team, and the preview is not promising...

    Season 77 - Week 4-s33-cup-cc-final-ac-milan.jpg
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    We managed to hold on and make the final 4-1 agg

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    Scoring one goal in two games, Orange Roughies win the League and make the CL finals in addition to the Cup finals.

    Draw 5: Away League match, 0-0. Playing a strong 4th place team, we had a game plan, but got trolled out of it in a hurry. Star AML/AMC Coronel got injured in the 2nd minute and ML Orue got ejected with 2 YC in the 37th. To cover the left flank, we added a DL, and largely abandoned hopes for a decisive win. To come away with a draw, playing in front of a hostile crowd with many out-of-town supporters of the home side, was a good result. GK Dudic deservedly received the MOM honors. Curiously, the 2nd place team played the 3rd place to a draw as well, allowing us to preserve a 9 point lead with 3 games remaining. We also have a 25 better goal differential over the 2nd place team. To not win the championship would work something like this: we lose the remaining three and get outscored by about 13 goals. The 2nd place team wins all three of theirs and outscores their opponents by 13. Is this possible? I am going to say, no, not even mathematically. Well, I guess mathematically. But it's not going to happen. I guess we just took the league. Yay.

    Win 41: Home CL match, 1-0. Playing with a comfortable lead (2-0 in the first away leg), we were cool, calm and collected. Do we wish we had scored more? Sure. Did we have to? No. In fact, the financial controller joked that DMC Ghighani scored a $1.6M goal, as that was the amount of the promised win bonus. AMR Willemse assisted and earned the MOM. ST Monasterski was injured, but had an amazingly swift recovery thanks to the 15 units of the secret red juice provided by the medical staff. We are looking forward to the CL finals.
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    Maybe I would have been in the Champions league final if I was available for both legs.
    Best league form ever, yet it's not certain I can win it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    too exciting to bear

    Attachment 64658
    No, they did not !

    Attachment 64657
    "Our defence did well in stopping the opponent" when we lose 1-0
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