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    Annoying managers....what to do?? heard right....I'm not even a girl.....why the fuq is he annoying me..............

    Okay this is what happened to a matter of fact it's still happening....this guy keeps sending me negotiation offers immediately after I reject them...he is not even waiting a minute so that I can train him past another star and will get off the negotiations list....its been a day....and no matter when I reject .....either midnight or early morning...he still keeps sending me this offer immediately after I reject him...I'm unable to train my's been a day since I trained him.......what should I do??

    What If he keeps on sending....then I won't be able to train my guy....and I won't have any other option other than to sell him....BUT I DON'T WANNA SELL HIMMMMMM....

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    I'd contact support.
    If the offers are immediate no matter the time of day, it has to be a bot or autoscript/autoclick

    There should be an option to ignore/block users

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    I agree! Why can`t Nordeus not only have a reject button for that player but also maybe reject all button.
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    Hi,try the following,set the price of the player (cash+tokens) at its maximum value possible.

    I ensure that he will have to spend much more tokens than you set, and lot of money for a 5 star player.
    Unless you are at very low levels and he's a token buyer, this will discourage him from trying again with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matteo de Clemente View Post
    Hi,try the following,set the price of the player (cash+tokens) at its maximum value possible.
    the problem is that the player is blocked from the training.
    In the old version, you can train him but not add the s.p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve285 View Post
    I agree! Why can`t Nordeus not only have a reject button for that player but also maybe reject all button.
    Good point!

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    Negotiations are a complete joke and I did not even have to face this silly issue. It could be one of the best feature in the game buy it's completely ridiculous. I did not use it for more than 10 seasons.
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    that dude is a grade-a douche canoe

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherlock140 View Post
    Hey Sherlock140, please PM me the club details of this guy (Too many results with the same name) so I can track him down in the database. I'd like to explain some things to him.

    And apologies that any of our managers has to go through such a thing.

    I'll bring the issue to the folks in the office.

    Btw, in the future, if anyone else feels harassed by another manager, write to our support team. Make sure to provide full details of the situation and specify who's the Manager in question.

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    change your team name to La Joya F**k Off he will get the message.
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