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Thread: Season 91 - Are you ready?

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    Season 91 - Are you ready?-capture.jpg
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    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

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    btw @Talisman did you notice the league of a common friend we have ? (with my other profile, RINO)

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-zaf-lv20.jpg
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    Almost good as your common friend.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-stats.jpg
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    missing T11 old form

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    Mission accomplished...

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    Madflo's legend VanBasten played a game with my team.
    Unfortunately associations are ****ed up so he could not reveal his talent.

    Nevertheless I felt so proud just seeing him in there.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-screenshot_2017-04-29-22-03-44-502.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Temidayo_ View Post

    I'm playing #2 for the title, 2 points ahead, in 3 hours. I need only a draw. Will be my first league win in 5 seasons should I win. I've finished #2, #4, #2, #2 since my last league win.
    ****it! I lost the damn title. Had a DMC red carded in the 1st minute for a foul in the box. Opposition converted the resulting PK, and downhill went everything. Ended up a 5-1 defeat. Too overcome by sadness to give a detailed account.
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    Desert Rats Summary, Day 28 the last...

    Desert Rats FC won both their Association matches, helping the Association to a Final win, and promotion to Gold 2 for next season. The first match was a struggle, 1-3 down with an hour gone and nothing the Management did seemed to be able to turn the situation around, until he realised that if this was an abandoned team, then the stupid orders foisted upon it at the TM change would be in effect, so he changed to hard attacking... Using Normal mentality in the second match supplied the expected result against a -9%Q team. The final League match was the expected hard graft against a team that gave them a stiff trial the first time round, but the undefeated season was again secured with a couple of goals from Patrick Tillmanns.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-dr-day-28-results.jpg

    Season Review.

    In the League, Desert Rats started out as 5th Quality, but with a judicious bit of squad updating and their main challengers for the title slipping up in the early matches, they found themselves quickly at the top of the table and they didn't look back, dropping only four points with two away draws all season. The Top Players lists were also dominated by Rats players.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-s16-l09-league-table-final.jpgSeason 91 - Are you ready?-s16-l09-league-top-players-final.jpg

    Desert Rats found themselves again inserted into a +1 Level Champions League, and having gone out at the Quarter-Final stage in the two previous seasons in similar circumstances, there was concern that the same would happen this season. Some miracles do happen, however, and the Management's adoption of an ultra-defensive formation when faced with a +1 Level team of superior quality won out on several occasions, and the last of three Level 9 clubs in the Level 10 Champions League competition ended the season with the Champions League trophy after a Penalty Shoot-out in the Final.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-s16-champ-final-result.jpg

    The Cup competition was a litle easier on the team, but the Rats fought their way through one or two difficult matches on their way to the Final, where they defeated a similar-Quality team in the Penalty Shoot-out after the Final finished all-square.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-s16-cup-final-result.jpg

    The playing squad saw gradual but comprehensive changes over the course of the season, 11 players joining the club and 10 leaving, including senior players Filip Andersson and Ireneusz Jezierski, and both goalkeepers. The final squad and stats are as follows, with their club record. Notable amongst these is the ever-present record of defender Bryce Brown, having played in every one of the clubs matches this season.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-s16-playing-squad-final.jpg

    As last season, the Management has had a dilemma in chosing a Player of the Season. A week ago one player stood out, but suffered an injury and his main challenger took advantage to level the playing field, so again there is a joint award:

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-s16-pos-kostadin-marinov.jpgSeason 91 - Are you ready?-s16-pos-patrick-tillmanns.jpg

    ...and at this point, the Management would have dashed over to old_version (R.I.P.) for the club stats, so now you'll have to put up with the Player records culled from his Stats Spreadsheet...

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-s16-player-records.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by Temidayo_ View Post
    ****it! I lost the damn title. Had a DMC red carded in the 1st minute for a foul in the box. Opposition converted the resulting PK, and downhill went everything. Ended up a 5-1 defeat. Too overcome by sadness to give a detailed account.
    This team lost 9 points in th last 5 matches, you really were fortunate to be there in the top till last day xD by the way i was thinking 2 hous ago when read you that was probable a hard simulation against you, this ocurrs, so, just think you can not be 2nd forever xD philosophy bro'

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    Season review
    Couldn't won my 8th straight treble so the streak ended at 7 after i lost champions league against an oppo i beat last season in the champions league final 5-0
    Won the league with 2 personal records,most goals scored 184 and most league goals scored by 1 player,63 for The Legend
    Won the cup also,so not bad with an double for this season

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    This season was a disaster. After 2 consecutive doubles (League+CL) and 6 straight League wins in total, this season I didn't win anything. The only good thing about this season was the promotion in Gold 2 with 3 tournament wins with my FA.

    It was a hard-fought battle against top teams from the start. Easily the most competitive league I've ever taken part in. What ended up biting me was an away draw against a team which played every single match after this result to intentionally lose, most notably against the second of the table losing to them 14-0 a few matches after mine versus him. And a 1-4 home defeat against the champions. After going up 1-0 he equalised and managed to turn it around with a direct free-kick. I made a terrible mistake believing that attacking would get me at least a draw only to end up conceding 2 more. A final point I would like to make, after a certain point it seemed like everyone in the top 4 was against me, always supporting my opponent. I've never seen something like this so it really upset me. Anyways...

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-season-9-league.jpg

    Champions League
    After 2 consecutive titles, I was knocked-out in the Quarter-Finals by a lesser quality team due to the away goals rule. The team I won in last season's Final ended up taking the trophy home.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-cl-season-9.jpg

    Bombing out of the competition in Round of 32 was my thing for 3 straight seasons. This one, I reached the semi-final only to be eliminated by a team which was also in my league. He lost in the final so that was very satisfying.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-cup-season-9.jpg

    I don't really have an MVP for this season, it was so mediocre after all and nobody really stood out. But I would like to say goodbye to a player who only played for 3 season but he was phenomenal, helping more than anyone in winning 4 titles. Farewell Can Ucar.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-screenshot_20170429-193810.jpg

    Also, a big thank you to a striker who although didn't perform well this season was surely one of the best strikers I had so far in the game. Goodbye Radvan Barkanichkov.

    Season 91 - Are you ready?-screenshot_20170429-193833.jpg
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