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    Quote Originally Posted by Ποσιδονας View Post
    I have only one 18 y.o. player, all the others are old.
    He is attacker with no special abilities and balanced skills (yet).
    Is he going to be more useful as Corner kicker (and get some points from assist) or have him in the box with the chance to score ?

    Of course I 'll use him for F-K and penalties.
    I would choose him for C-K
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    this is my only young attacker, still fresh

    His first game will be first "Rising Stars" match

    [Official] Challenge #5 - Rising Stars Challenge-new-ck.jpg
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    Bummer, my second team is not rostered for a lot of new players. My front line is full of 21-22 yr high star players with good performances. No 18 yr old in both teams. I will just have to make up for it with a lot of goals and assists :P
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    Happy for this challenge, my whole team is 22 and under aside from 4 veterans.
    Here's my squad for tomorrow.
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    This makes me glad I bought a new 18yo striker, still I feel sad sitting Mayer on the bench after all these seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SausyFC View Post

    Hi Managers!

    New season - new challenge! The Rising Stars challenge is LIVE NOW!

    How does this latest live event work? Check out the rules below!

    You will get points for every goal and assist in League matches by your player depeding on player age:
    18 years old: goal 30 points; assist 15 points
    19 years old: goal 20 points; assist 10 points
    20 years old: goal 16 points; assist 8 points
    21 years old: goal 12 points; assist 6 points
    22 years old: goal 10 points; assist 5 points
    23 years old: goal 8 points; assist 4 points
    24+ years old: goal 2 points; assist 1 points

    The prizes will be rewarded to the first 8 positions as following:
    1st place: 15 tokens
    2nd place: 12 tokens
    3rd place: 10 tokens
    4th place: 8 tokens
    5th place: 5 tokens
    6th place: 3 tokens
    7th place: 2 tokens
    8th place: 1 tokens

    Managers compete against their League opponents on the leaderboard.
    The challenge lasts 13 League matches.

    Let us know what you think of the challenge in the replies! Good luck Managers!


    Calculation error in the rising star challenge. I scored 34 but it only shows 23. My training sessions are also not being counted. It continuously says that the players need training even after conducting training.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [Official] Challenge #5 - Rising Stars Challenge-te-error3.jpg   [Official] Challenge #5 - Rising Stars Challenge-te-error2.jpg   [Official] Challenge #5 - Rising Stars Challenge-te-error1.jpg  

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    Perfect timing for this new challenge! I've bought at the first two days of this season a few young players and the average age of my main 11 players is now at 19.5 years.
    [Official] Challenge #5 - Rising Stars Challenge-mainteam.jpg

    My new striker had some real nice games so far (his form: 9-9-8-8-8; 9 goals and two assists in 7 games). I bought him for 14 tokens (as far as I remember he had 93%) in the TM and trained him the AMC position and the freekick SA. Hopefully he will be worth it.
    [Official] Challenge #5 - Rising Stars Challenge-iversen.jpg

    On the bench I have three more 18 year old players (strength between 91% and 93%). The striker (Martac) performed bad in the first benchmark training (= slow trainer) but I will leave him for now and sell him at the end of the season. I dropped my team quality at the end of the last season so I do have quite a lot weak teams in my league. Maybe I will throw the three youngsters on the bench out in more games to have a chance to get more points for this challenge.
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    Can someone buy a new calculator for Nordeus? Points in match report don't relate to points on leaderboard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Altiplano View Post
    Can someone buy a new calculator for Nordeus? Points in match report don't relate to points on leaderboard!
    Check this thread in the Bugs forum about the issue. Ill post there if I get any more info on this.

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    123 points on day one. this'll be a better challenge than the 'Play Mourinho' one
    [Official] Challenge #5 - Rising Stars Challenge-young.png

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