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    Quote Originally Posted by Zz-Jones View Post
    Refresh the update List?
    Is there any button top do this?

    close and open again is not enough
    go to the app store , go to updates and swipe down . It will refresh .

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    Quote Originally Posted by SausyFC View Post
    Hi Reds,

    Thanks for this. We've actually just pushed a fix for that type of player and you should now have both flank positions. Can you check again and let me know?
    What about the case that I had a dr/dmr and now because of the update I only have a dr ! Why should my player lose one position . You should assign the next position on that flank , wich is MR . I have traind this player specially to be also a dmr and now his position has been taken and not replaced with another one .

    In addition to losing one possition that player also lost one main attribute . Now the passing attribute turned grey , which means he will not gain on passing so easily . That's not fair at all !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloverfield View Post
    My first impression of new squad system..., so-so:
    1. I cannot recognize some of my players as I cannot remember their T-shirt numbers. This makes it difficult especially during a game as you do not have much time to go back and forth to check who is the player with the number 17, or even worse you may get a number wrong and misplace a player, so you make a wrong sub.
    2. Although it is fancy I must say the new look out , and I like that you can move into position, so there will be more asymmetric formations, it is not so easy as it looks. Smartphone makes it easier, but from PC with mouse is a pain in the ass for sure
    3. This thing with set-piece takers is not too good, as I said dragging players so often during a match is not easy-going, so if you need to make such change is one more headache

    From above I guess I can get used to 2,3
    But the 1 is a mandatory fix....
    Thanks for the detailed feedback Cloverfield. Really appreciate the insight.

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    First I want admit that the TE team usualy does a good job for improve the game and resolve quickly the bugs or issues.
    But this forced update that everyone will be free to judge better or worse than the old versions came at a very very very bad timing!
    I mean, you only needed 4 days morte to wait and the actual season would be end with the same rules as it started.
    Every user could also use the next mercato for sell/ buy some of their players for following the fact positions DML and DMR disappear...
    But doing it 4 games before the end of the league, the day we play half finals return of champions league is affecting the competitions and not fair...
    When Belgium choosed to change the belgian pro league for reduce to 16 teams and do playoffs, they waited for a new season. Same about the FIFA about introducing or removing the golden goal rule in world cup or european championship...
    For the next update, TE needs to choose a better timing for updating the game like the first day of a new season when we play only the first round of the cup and can learn the new rules...
    For showing some respect to all the users who were affected by this new update today, you should also cancel all the results and give the victory reward to every player reaching half finals of the champions league + giving the 3 points for the game of the league... And use back the old version for the next 3 days for not ruin all the hard job the managers leader of their league this season did since 4 weeks...
    Thank you by advance and good luck to every manager still able to win some competition this season!

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    I played my return semi final champions league.I was winning 0-2 after 40min when the game blocked.(problems with the server)When i tried again 5 min later the game was over and I lost 2-1.How is this possible? Now I'm out of the final.Great update !!!
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    I play on Windows 10/Chrome. Game loads fine and everything works, but when I minimize the Chrome window and open it up again the game part of the window is blank (the ads etc are still there.) I get this error:

    "An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was: Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'shaderSource' on 'WebGL2RenderingContext': parameter 1 is not of type 'WebGLShader'."

    Anyone have a clue what that's about, or rather if there's some easy fix I can do? I had no problems with the 2017 version of the game.

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    As usual, Nord doesn't test the update before its come online

    One of my team, I was training some players for next season, giving them extra position, SA etc. I can clearly remember, one of the player name "H. Untong" I bought him as Amr, give him Mr position and yesterday give him Dmr position, now his dmr position doesn't show. You can see on screen shot some other players position I left incomplete yesterday, they are okay but as I complete my ml+aml+dml position become now ml+aml+dl and my mr+amr+dmr become mr+amr+?. It doesn't make sense that I give dl position for my attacker; Nord should inform us before do this kind of change, so we should not waste our resources and time.

    ps: on my main team my mc+mr+dmr and mc+ml+dml now mc+mr+dl and mc+mr+dr, what a waste again, I'm not going to send my mc to play full back. Looks like all my club full team need to change and to do that I have to go for tanking again from the next season. Also better be tank so Nord can fix their new bugsssssssssss

    [Official] Top Eleven v6.0 - Top Eleven 2018 has arrived!-lost-position.jpg


    Here is a screenshot that showed last night I did the training season and given dmr position to my mr+amr (H. Untong) but its gone now.

    [Official] Top Eleven v6.0 - Top Eleven 2018 has arrived!-prove-amr-new-position.jpg
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    Hey Sausy,
    Same again with League game. Robben scored 3. Only 2 were added to his total but this time 2 were added to clubhistory.
    [Official] Top Eleven v6.0 - Top Eleven 2018 has arrived!-0540a444-a735-4770-a0a2-ae9a0dc8fe16.jpg
    [Official] Top Eleven v6.0 - Top Eleven 2018 has arrived!-4406a7cb-0cfc-4136-b67d-2ea5464f5c66.jpg
    [Official] Top Eleven v6.0 - Top Eleven 2018 has arrived!-76ab3509-e24f-4652-aa70-93b0d533ccb1.jpg

    Know you re already into it but nevertheless. Good luck fixing. Thx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibangali View Post
    As usual, Nord doesn't test the update before its come online
    This is a little bit imprecise lol ...just next time need to be more determinant in the final version xD

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