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Thread: Season 104 - Are you ready?

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    all my best players sold out, leaving the club in vacation mood ZZZzzzzz....
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    I'm new in game can anybody tell me that quality of player can ]increase after training him...??

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamAS200 View Post
    I'm new in game can anybody tell me that quality of player can ]increase after training him...??
    Yes it will and come new season it will decrease 20%.

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    Ready for the new season .....yeah. Last season saw my teams finish with 2 Leagues , a second and a last day loss third with my experimental team having a strong second half of the season to finish fifth. We stayed inGold1 Asso thanks to a strong last weekend. Along the way we picked up a Cup and 2 runners up in SL which isnt a bad return for my reserve teams who contest the cups for the most part. Each team only needs 3-4 players added to get them where I want them so all in all , ready.
    I dont normally go into the tranfer market one the first couple of days ( just too much silly prices for me) but do cast an eye on them here and there. I did however pick up a little bargain who may make it to first team status or may not but still a bargain..........
    Season 104 - Are you ready?-bluestacks_screenshot-1.jpg

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-bluestacks_screenshot-2.jpg
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    What have you learned from last season?

    That white skills are hell of a lot important.

    Where did you place last season?

    2nd in the league, nothing elsewhere.

    Are you participating in the new Association's Cup ?

    Still new? Sure I do.

    What are your achievements ?

    Went down from platinum league to gold 1 unfortunately.

    What's your current level?


    What's your budget for this season?

    A lot of everything.

    Who do you want to replace?

    Already replaced my older MC with a fresh 18 year old, this is the only change in the starting 11.

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-29884447_1713155305441183_1972191270_o.jpg

    What are your goals for this season?

    Doing well.

    What's your training level?


    Which will be your main formation?

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    Hell no! Not ready. Not even close. Not now that Cloverfield has dropped his quality so low as to appear in both my cup and champions league draws.
    Looks like it's going to be a tough time trying for a third consecutive treble.
    Just when things were starting to get boring.
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    Ohh... 9th and not promoted xD great, this did not happenned to me in seasons,won 3-4 the first cup match with contracts pending to renew and non attending.

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    add two challenges: the italian tour and the red card challenge

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    Didn't touch the auctions for a long time (at least not for players 80%+)bought 3 scouts and 2 from negotiations (they look delicious lol and only 36 tokens both of them)
    Only 2 players i needed for my 1st 11 so ready for another treble.

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    So the Rats are safely through the first Round of the Cup...

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-s29-cup-tr-1r-agata-fc.jpg
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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