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Thread: Why do these people even play the game?

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    Morale loss is a joke. Watching a match is a joke. Association cheating is a joke. IC is a joke. Go back to the original game, fix and improve THAT.

    Make the association and IC different apps and keep the s%*t from these games away from the good original game.

    I've quit playing, but I've been playing reading some forum threads hoping top11 might get good again. Currently it's rubbish and getting worse when I quit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maloukees View Post
    I play always for winnning, and the tankers should face penalty, or for example they can not grow bigger than 130% level of their players, so the use of tanking many season and have team like 160% and higher is history..

    More enjoyment for everyone
    this sound fair

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