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    While I don't like having to train my first team several times on match days, their performances have held up so far. I hope that continues as I'm breaking my unbeaten record every game. I have 22 wins, 4 draws, and 1 loss and am unbeaten in 26 matches.

    I have had to spend a few rests but not many, I think training everyone on Very easy mode will be the way from tomorrow.

    It's a change which is a bit difficult to get used to, but that's changes for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    This tpb thing just a no no, no benefit at all, without maxing tpb my team won, with tpb my team slaughtered, wth wrong with that?

    Im done, dont care tpb anymore.. what a waste, spend my green for nothing.
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    [Official] Team Play Bonuses - 8th of April

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludo_Mansio View Post
    So I assume this is part of the current Nordeus strategy to make it harder to create mutants? I guess the logic goes, to get the Team Play Bonus you will have to train players with a mix of drills (attack, defense, physical/mental) which will increase the grey skills as well as the white.

    Let's see how it works, feels like another layer of complication that is unlikely to affect the outcome of games.
    Iv found that training my guys single figure and 1% greys, has put me something like back to what i was capable of before, but yes, polar white skills/grey skills advantage have basically been nerfed and your players now have to be like Lothar Mattheus with skills in attack, midfield and defence to be any good. Real shame and a lot of hard work and meticulous training wasted, but I suppose it will even out the playing field a bit. Let’s just hope we can find the next semi hack that gives us a competitive advantage if you put the effort in, because I’m not playing the game if it becomes like rolling a dice with other teams all with scout like players to compete.

    The good thing is, my players under 23 and even over sometimes, have been getting between 4-8 skill points each session and can rocket up a star level with about 30 green packs just training greys. I couldn’t understand what was wrong at start of season but now I know Nordeus are basing success on overall rating, I hope I know how to compete again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruffin View Post
    To some point I agree, but if you are saying that you don't need to train your 1st team players with the squad because they play regularly. Then this is total rubbish, what real football teams 1st team players don't train together with the squad.
    Then they would need to add a small match play bonus, but you would also have to included fatigue due to players being over played.
    It's that what your asking, if so your only adding to the issue.
    I am not saying the first team should not have to train. I am saying that if I have already trained with the whole team, have secured all team bonuses and let's say the individual bonus is at 8%, after playing a game I would expect it to be at 10%. I do not see how a player that starts a game at 8% bonus should not go up due to playing in the game.
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