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Thread: Season 129 - Are you ready?

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    Just read thru my league opponents
    Basing on ratings - 4th position again
    Need to train a bit more
    As for cup - last season was a surprise. Don't think this season will be lucky. Will be meeting higher quality opponents from now on

    As usual, all my CL and cup opponents are +1 level
    Usual objective - to gain promotion
    Fingers crossed - get some trophies this season

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zizouka View Post

    I like the game and can not wait for my second season!
    Champions League and Cup is well balanced.
    Many good teams.

    Now I need help please!
    I can not understand why I must play against a manager with 180% in my League???
    Stop trolling Nordeus!!!
    Is not fair for me and all other managers in my League!

    Should I give up the League and focus on next season or never give up?
    We all know place 1 is not possible and it sucks!

    Maybe some managers with more experience can help me with a little advice!


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    Do not worry mate, that is a proffessional tanker and he plays to lose, stay level to buitl a superteam for the FA in the weekend

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    Haven t conceded a goal in 3 games yet.
    What s surprising for now is that Williams (AMR) has 8 goals while Suazo (AML) has 7 ))
    I m still around, LOL!

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    Season 129 - Are you ready?

    My season so far, we kicked off in with our first league game today. We won 8-0 at home. The season is going quite well, We have scored 26 goals in four games which= 6.5 goals per game on average and we let in 2 so an average of 0.50 goals conceded per game, an average win margin of 6 goals is not to bad, Our results have been 4-1, 0-9, 1-5, 8-0.

    Here are the highlights from today’s match.

    Seasonal Stats:

    Club History After 3.11 Seasons:

    Anyway, it has been a good day, 2 wins, 13 goals, 1 conceded, goal difference of 12.

    We are top of the league and we our showing our early dominance in all competitions. Benitez is already topping the goal scoring charts in the league and our team is progressing rather quickly.

    I will be expecting us to lose sometime but we should be ok, I will keep an eye on my opponents’ progression throughout the season, for now, business done for another day.

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    I think the league won't be as tough as last season. Already played the toughest opponent on the first day and held him to a scoreless draw away, a few easier games await.

    No juggernauts in the Champions League this time so I will have a better chance. And it's an easy group so I have time to improve, no need to rush with the training yet.

    Happy with what I got, plus the association I joined is in gold divison 3. Needed some positive news after a disappointing end to the last season. Better make sure no bottling happens this time...
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    Newton Heath: 7 leagues (2 inv), 1 cup, 1 CL, 1 SL, 1 SC
    The Black Pearl: 3 leagues (1 inv), 2 cups, 1 CL, 2 SL, 1 SC
    Problem Solvers: 1 league (invincible), 1 Champions League, 1 Super Cup. Time to win again...

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    Daily update time again, this day was much harder but still 2 wins from 2.

    In the league an average win against a 14% weaker opponent and we won 1-2, for once the opponent manager tried as he attended and I didn’t so he maybe deserved something from the game but I take the three points.

    Highlights are below.

    We are somehow still top of the league despite that poor performance.

    In the Cup we got a 4-0 win, the performance was not great but we finished every chance we got.

    The highlights for the match:

    Thank you to the person who supported me.

    Our season so far.

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    Im the only one who won all my 3 league matches, so that looks good...

    The cup im 2-0 ahead tom the next leg, so should be no problem

    Lost 1 of my 2 CL matches because i put my reserves in to safe energy for my league match... in the CL group you only have to be in top 2 right to qualify,,,..

    So still going for all the prices
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    Added 3 more jerseys to my collection, so now I have 301 jerseys. Season 129 - Are you ready?-img_20200305_143311_034.jpg

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    Well, in our first match today, we had a shock 8-0 win against a title contender, we were 10% stronger but he got injured so we were only 5% stronger, the other manager wasn’t there but I was, I can only imagine his shock when he logs back in to see that, poor guy.

    Anyway I will provide photos of the highlights and thank you HeavensAAA and Brian Clough for support.

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    Only one title last season, in League. Missed out SL because I forgot to put some green packs on players

    Now treble seems to be in doubt as well after terrible Cup loss in the 1st leg of round 2 and One player in the league investing so many packs his team is the only one with 6* Main squad vs everyone else being in the lower 5. Another season without trophy I guess
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