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Thread: Top Eleven is the dumbest and worst no-sense game I've ever seen

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    Strategy is key.... All decent teams will do all the necessary preparations, strategy is what makes the difference in big games. Luck plays a big part too.

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    Thinking like the engine resolves these issues

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    You need to understand how the game calculates the result.
    Every single thing you do has an influence on the odds coming out in your favour, but there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of variables, so nothing can guarantee a result.
    All the things you do can only influence the chances of a positive result happening.
    Read up on the theory of probability and the game engine suddenly make far more sense, and you understand how 'crazy' results can happen, no matter your input
    Accept that and then the game won't turn you into a raging maniac every few weeks!
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    Ball is round, it happens to everyone!

    Just a game only no need get so worked up, improve your team and move on!
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    Guys you are missing his main point.Yes ball is round and these things could happen in football, but opponent manager is not on the match. I am guessing he made necessary tactical changes in the game, according to game flow. His opponent doesn't make any changes as tactical wise or subsitutional wise, but the opponent wins the game anyway.

    If he is not very unskilful manager, his changes and the preparation should make difference. He should have made all the wrong changes, or the match engine is not responding to his changes at all.

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    lmao... get used to it, sometime you will laugh when you attend the match lol, happen to me many times, so well laugh is better than mad.. game for fun cheers

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