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Thread: Guys give me some suggestion plsss~ THankss

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    Guys give me some suggestion plsss~ THankss

    4-4-2 Classic better??
    And wat arrow must put at wat player, HLP PLSSSS!!!!
    Thankkkksss very muchhhh~~

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    change 1 DMC to MC and then it will be my all time favor formation

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    I like these sort of weird formations. I often play the same formation in defence, 3W-2N, then the attacking 3-5 players are placed according to opponent's weakness.
    God Bless!

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    for me the best1 is

    __ MC_MC__

    against ,,good'' teams arrow up for the FC
    against weaker teams arrow up for AMR and AML and no arrow for the FC

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    why don't you take a piece of paper and draw the formation you play against and match your defense with his attack your mids with his mids and your attack you try to find holes or offset. Use logic and common sense. IE - if you play against a team with 4 mids make sure you have at least 4 mids too. Use the internet and find out more about how different tactics work and also look in this forum on the post - How to win against any tactic.
    Having good quality players will help you, DC/DM or DM/MC or MC/AM - try and get double or triple role players with good stats. I know is hard and possibly more expensive but is well worth it if you like to win. Buy players young and keep them for 3-5 seasons then sell them to get some return money. If they are expensive players remember that by wining Champ League games and Cup games will bring you great income to offset the cost of your players. If you do well you also gain bragging rights - and in here there are plenty of players that like that.
    I hope this was to some help - if you want more tips and ideas please message me.

    Always have fun -