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End of League and let’s make a resume. I repeat that I’m making an experiment.
Starting with a normal 5* team, I making a sub, my ST with a weak ST which I put as GK and my GK is playing as ST.
The purpose is to watch the behavior of the program. Does it calculating the changes or keeping with the data that was 3 min before the start of the match.
I can see at the end of the season, that in most of the games I did the experiment, this affected the flow of the match.
Although in some games, I won even with this 1* ST in the place of my regular GK.
This is because of the roll dice of the game, which some times ignores some factors of the match which are critical in real football (like playing with a ST as GK) but it isn’t the general rule.

Thanks for the experiment.

You shouldn't have to spent a whole season trying to make the " the same change " to make sure that substitutions can (improve the performance or make it worse.) affect the match. 12 matches could have been more than enough ... Again thx for your effort and patience.