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Thread: Association required!!!!!!!!

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    Association required!!!!!!!!

    I'm a 6 star player , training my way up to 7 stars....I used to be a captain..I left the association as other members are not performing well ...if anyone needs me...I'm happy to join...just post a reply with hashtag of ur association!!!! So that I can find it... i prefer an association with atleast 2-6 star players..if u don't have space for me...just ditch the last guy in ur association...
    Team name: Sherlock fc (quality-110%)...level-7...6 seasons(5 league trophies+4 champions leagues+1 cup)....including runner up once in league and champions league....and runner up twice in cup...
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    Hi, you can join my association - undefeated and nr. 15 in the standings..

    The Great Tacticians #ZJJMVB