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Thread: Jersey Dragon FA seeking new members

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    5 star Association looking for active members

    Title pretty much says it all. Only me and the VC are the only real active players so we would like some people to replace those who don't even seem to play the game anymore. both me and the VC have 5 star players, most reach 6 stars mid way through the season very active. We have gotten first place 4 times, and 3rd two times due to inactive players. Please message me or reply to this thread if you are interested in joining a team that wants to win. We play our home games at 8pm eastern time, but might be willing to change it if it meant getting new members.

    PS: Only players that have 5 star players or better plz, so around 88% or higher, we will consider you if you are a little below this, if plan to be active

    EDIT: New recruit pointed out to me that I got the name of our FA wrong in the title its called "Outlaws FC"
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