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Thread: Liverpool sweden (Gold 1 - Plat) looking for 1 member.

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    Oct 2016

    Liverpool sweden (Gold 1 - Plat) looking for 1 member.

    We are a fairly active and experienced association thats been stable in gold 1 for many seasons now.
    Managed to climb to platinum for the first time this season. With 2 weeks left we lack 144 points.
    If we fall down we will do our best to get up again.

    If you are a actice swedish guy with a good team, go apply and i will check you out!
    We will consider international people also if i find you very interesting.
    Most of us are Liverpool supporters but its no requirement. Would be somewhat decent if you didnt hate them though...

    #Q031DH or #QO31DH is our tag.
    (trouble seeing diff between 0 and O...)

    / Forte FC

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    Hello, I sent a request, if I am refused, explain me why! (Nico FC)