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Thread: Need an gold 1 or platinuim association

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    Nov 2017

    Need an gold 1 or platinuim association

    Hi bro, i need an platinuim or gold 1 association. I'm 132%. If u are interested plz contact me and i'll give my ID

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    Mar 2016
    Hello guys! Looking for a member association to which they belong. Conditions to be part of this association are:
    - the average quality of the lot to be above 110%
    - minimum 32% bonus
    - be active: to offer training bonuses always, to watch matches and of course, active chat.

    All association members comply with the above conditions.
    The association name is Dream Team and has code: #9PDQJ8.
    We play in GOLD 1 and have 1175 points.