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Thread: One More Member - Platinum Association

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    One More Member - Platinum Association

    Hi All

    After this weekend’s fixtures there will be a space in our Platinum Association for one active member with a strong team.

    Send me details of your team, strength, what you have won and team name and I’ll send details of our Association.

    Feel free to send a private message.

    All chat in English and we are all active.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Team Name: Harvester SC Level 9

    Last season won the triple

    Daily player that maintains 40% bonus at all times current Assosiation is im Gold 1 but very inactive

    Currently team rating 101.5% but My International Cup team is in the finals so rating will be higher tomorrow afternoon

    Current season im 1st place by 4pts with a record of 11W-1D-0L and still in both CL and Cup tournements
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