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Thread: Need an association

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    Need an association

    Hello, I need an ambition association, I'm very active on games and max my team bonus every day..I'm currently lvl 8 and 88% team and looking to improve all the time but I dont buy unless I find a good player, my formation is 3 1 2 1 3 like three diamonds in the field and can be converted to fit 3 attackers and/or 4 defenders depending on the game scenario..

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    Hi, we are the Association Game ON with #GJP6IC .

    We are lookibg for a new member..
    We are active and 2 OF the 6 members do not have enough time anymore. So sent US a requests on monday or tuesday in the new season.

    What we ash is active is training unti 40% always and share bonus with your team mates.

    We are in gold1 now and stay there this coping season

    See you around mate