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Thread: New association, excisting of 3 former platinum players, is looking for 3 new members

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    New association, excisting of 3 former platinum players, is looking for 3 new members

    Hi there guys,

    As we have split up in our former platinum association, we decided to start all over again with the members who still believe in the magic and the fun of the game.
    Our first goal is to have fun in the game again!
    We, the 3 musketeers, would like to welcome another 3...3 who wants to join us in our enthousiasm, our humour, sarcasm, fun and competetive mind! least at the start

    We only have a few basic requirements:

    *we want to have fun in chat
    *we like sarcasm, silly humour
    *english talking is a must! (if we have to think 10 times of what you said on chat, you're out)
    *we demand every member keeps his training bonus at max (40%) daily....if not possible daily, at least at the start of the association weekend
    *we demand every member attends the association games from the beginning (not only his or her game)
    *we have a training schedule which can vary on what opponent we have...normaly we do pair training so everyone get's his bonus...but sometimes we use other tactics so it could mean you have to train some other member but don't get a training bonus back...but is above all!!! (and yes...we use a scapegoat sometimes)
    *it would be useful if you have a fb account so we can connect and support you...and vice versa...but that's not a necessity
    *our second goal is to be in Gold1 ASAP
    *if we reach that...we can see what's possible to promote to platinum and to stay there...but that's something we will have to discuss

    Those were the basic rules of our association.

    I know...we start in Bronze 3...not very attempting....but trust me...together with you we will set a world record in achieving gold 1
    So...if you wanna join us, have fun, be committed, make new real friends,
    Don't bother by looking any further...just apply with us:




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    Ohh, i lost u. Your descripton sounds very frindly, congrats for it! I'm new but old in the same time. If u will have an open spot please let me know, I'll very happy to join your assossiation.

    Edit: 40 and 105% at season start
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