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Thread: Hey guys I’m in need of a new association

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    Hey guys I’m in need of a new association

    I’m level 25 with a current squad rating of 125%, I play very frequently and need an active association I cba for lazy member I want to be part of an association who are active everyday and help others. Add me on Twitter as @MountFCtop11
    Thank you.

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    Association Bad Gones Lyon or to find us maybe more easily # LVX7Y1 is recruiting!

    Bad Gones Lyon is:

    Association duels since creation 35, record 34 victories including 17 finals (17-0-1-0)

    Silver Division IIwhich will already correspond to the division Gold II

    We also win the association ranking at the end of each season!


    Simple: You are active player, you train your team for 10% bonus everywhere, you share your training with one of the members to increase the bonus requested then you're welcome!